Saturday, February 9, 2008


Ok so I started this BLOG with IHOP. Not like Nick's airport Inn or Duffy's downtown. Well that is were we ate today. So the IHOP near the Walmart is were we went for Breakfast which was closer to lunch. I have not eaten at IHOP for a number of years. On Saturday morning we waited about 15 or 20 min for a table but they had allot of seats in the waiting area so the wait was tolerable. I was impressed by the menu. It was three of us my Son, Wife and myself. My son got a Caesar Salad for appetizer (yes strange to get at IHOP for breakfast) which was not too bad for what you would expect at IHOP. My wife ordered the Pancake Sampler which had two eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, hash browns and of course came with three pancakes (there are four choices of syrup on the table, butter pecan, strawberry, blueberry and maple.) My son got a stack of standard house pancakes with bacon and I ordered the Denver omelet which is a meat lovers dream with sausage, ham, and steak tips. I really like the steak tips had a nice flavor. We enjoyed the food allot. I saw all you can eat pancake offers on the menu so I am sure you can eat to your hearts content. The waitress (who was Russian) was quick to keep our glass's full of drink. The cost was kind of high because we really ordered 4 meals with the salad, the salad was big enough for a whole meal. So over all it was a good dinning experience. There Menu had a pretty good looking dinner menu but it is hard to think about eating dinner there. Maybe on another occasion.

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