Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Babe Dako TV STAR

Ladies and gentlemen introducing my Babe Dako on TV commercial-:) We're watching TV together it was good timing that his business commercial was ON. I took a quick snap shot of it and here it is heheh.. It was nice to see my Babe Dako on TV doing his business advertisement. I told him he seems not to be so comfortable on camera. He agreed too hahaha.

Take a survey for a chance to win an iPod!

Do you want to have a brand new Ipod? You better check out Development Dimensions International or DDI. They were giving you an opportunity to win an Ipod Nano if you participate or fill out a brief survey online. Very easy isn't? Well, the purpose of the survey is they were looking to have a higher response rate to a survey targeted those executives in health care to respond to their survey. It is very simple though they only ask you to provide your email address and contact information at the end of the survey, that's all. Then, they will randomly pick the winner who participate and complete the survey. Who knows, you might be the lucky one. Join the survey today for a chance to win a fabulous Ipod Nano. To take the survey, click here.

How Charice Made It to David Foster’s Elite List of Friends

Charice Pempengco, better known now as simply Charice, the Filipina Singer who became a global singing sensation through youtube will be one of the special guests in star- studded one night only live concert featuring one of the most producers of all time. Read More

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do you want to test yourself?

You know it will not hurt if you try to go to some professionals who do the STD testing. I have known that STD is a disease that spread to people who have engaged in new sex partners. I have found this website the STD testing that gives people quickly and privately testing without any embarrassment or showing off your identity in public only you will know that you got tested already. Isn't that interesting? They have well experienced counselor that will help you answers all your questions to make sure you understand the results of your tests. If you're one of the concerned people out there who wants to try their testing check them out.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our Anniversary

Today is our 2 years and 9 monthsary since we've met online on August 25, 2005. Its nice to reminisce the day we met online that brought memories how things was like when we first met and getting married after few days. It is hard to believe how the time has passed so quickly. I remember the hours and hours we spend online chatting and talking on the phone. Right from the first time we met there was a strong connection. If you would have told us 2 years and 9 months ago that we would be sitting next to each other right now, I would have thought you were crazy. It is nice to be close to the one you love especially when we started so far apart. Even if there is a great distance between two hearts, if they are meant to be together they will find a way to unite. Our marriage is a testament to that fact. Love you Babe Dako! glitter graphics

Friday, May 23, 2008

Frienship around the world!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kristi Yamaguchi won!!

I think everyone was happy that Kristi won on Dancing with the Stars last night. You know I thought it was funny that Mark Ballas kept trying to hug her and she was politely trying to separate herself from him. Just looking at the size of her husband standing a few feet away Mark would do well to keep his distance before he gets body checked off the judges table.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

SM Mall of Asia

My Babe Dako had never heard about Mall of Asia before and I never been there too. WOw! when I read some articles about it today I was stunned. I know I am one who loves shopping malls but WOW!. This one is huge there is nothing like it in America. It looks like it is the third largest mall in the world. SM Prime must own all the malls in the Philippines. I don't think on our next trip we will be in Manila long enough to visit. But you never know with flight delays and such we may find ourselves in Manila with time to shop. I can see this becoming a huge attraction for Americans. A large portion of the Philippines speak some English and the dollar goes very far. The biggest different though is the crime in Manila. It is not a safe place and they will need to clean that up before they can expect to have flocks of American's come to shop and vacation.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yehey!!! Tickets is on the way

Yay! Today we finally took the plunged to get our tickets online for our trip in second week of September. We both agreed that it’s better to get our tickets this early rather than wait the next coming months since the fuel price now is increased terribly! We are both excited that we finally bought our tickets and in few days were able to receive our paper tickets on the mail. I know for sure few days before our trip I may not able to sleep knowing that I will get to see my family again after almost 3 years of not being with them. Hayss.. I wish September will be tomorrow so that I will be in the Philippines by then hehe. Just getting very excited here lol! Now, we both have peace of mind because our tickets will be in our hands in few days. I am thinking I will start packing in August lol when I told my Babe Dako about it today, he was laughing at me. He said, every time he made a trip before I came here he had to pack a day before he left. Whatttt??? I can't believe it. Oh well, you know some guy are like that hehe..Now, I am here I will pack a month before we leave lol. Maybe I'll start packing tomorrow instead hahahahahahaha..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Earth Quake in China, seems the death toll continues to rise

China continues to pull people from rubble in China after a magnitude 7.9 earthquake hit EASTERN SICHUAN, CHINA. More information is starting to trickle out as video of the incident is showing up on the net. The first report I heard said that only 4 deaths were reported for a magnitude 7 earthquake. Know that the population of China is so large I was circumspect about the number. My first thought were about the Myanmar response to the cyclone. The government of China is more open than Myanmar but it is still a communist authoritarian government. However, quickly the number started to grow and either the story was too big to hide or China really is becoming more open. Those effected are certainly in our prayers.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Parvati wins Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites, does that make Amanda the "Biggest Loser?"

The best season yet of Survivor just ended. I was surprised that Parvati won. Two season in a row that Amanda won the final challenge and picked the person who would go with her to the finale only to see that person (Todd in China) win the $1million. Well, at least she was able to find love with Ozzy. The question is how long will that love last? I still think Amanda should have taken Cirie to the finale but one will never know. It was nice to see James wins the Fan favorite, he was one of my favorite. I was so disappointed when he got hurt.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Charice on Oprah

Did you see Charice Pempengco on Oprah Show today? She was very impressive. Hard to believe how well she sang. My heart was beating so fast watching her sing. I was so proud to see a Filipina performing so well on Oprah. I know one day she will be an international star. Go Charice! Stay Humble!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers Out There

I know every mother's out there is celebrating mother's day today. We celebrated Mother's day at home. Here's our simple mother's day dinner. My Babe Dako cooked burgers, chicken tenders, corn, cucumber and bread. Anyway, my Babe Dako's baked bread is so yummy the best bread in the world. Made me in love with him all the more. Over all, it was a very good dinner. Thank you Babe Dako for doing your rounds in cooking hehee.. I love you very much!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Celebrity Weddings in the US

Over the last two weeks that has been a couple of high profile weddings. The first one was unplanned or at least very little planning considering the time line. I wonder if Nick and Carey will last. Well, at least we know that the bling will last as Diamonds are a girls best friend.

On the other end of the spectrum the day before Mother's Day we see that Jenna Bush is getting married this week end . While it is a very small, low key affair when the president is involved the world will be trying to watch. The whole town of Crawford those is geared up for the wedding.

The question that everyone asks about any famous wedding... Will it last?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Survivor is ON tonight

Again, the show I am eager to watch The Survivor is On tonight. It was unbelievable Erick gave his immunity necklace to Natalie. From the start I really liked Erick but tonight he was voted off because of his poor decision. Gesshhh I was so mad inside while watching the show but, my Babe Dako was laughing like crazy hehehe.. If you wanna know more about Survivor and watch the latest shows CLICK HERE.

Sink Hole in Texas will it swallow the whole state

I saw this article about a sinkhole in DAISETTA, Texas. I know we would all love to see Texas swallowed whole by this sinkhole but there has to be some point it will stop. That one is huge though. It would make me worry if I lived near it because you would have to wonder if there are more in the area. But it seems like they are doing the right thing.

Singaporean gets 3 weeks in jail for hitting Filipina maid

While messing around my computer and reading some news about Philippines I came across to this site that caught my attention. This jerk guy should not be only in jail for only 3 weeks but will stay in jail for the rest of his life. Make me sick reading about that especially since I was working there just over a year ago.

The New Batman Movie

I have not been to the movies for a long time but I am actually excited to go see the new Batman Movie. Especially since it will forever be immortalized as Heath Ledgers last movie. I have read that his acting was very good which just adds that little bit of mystic to what would have been a great movie if he was not dead. There are even reports that the doll has already sold out. I wont stand in line to watch it but it just might be the first movie I go to the theater to see in almost a year. Small Change

Cyclone Nargis hits Myanmar death toll is raising!

The closed society is quickly proving for deadly for so many in Myanmar. I am sure the death toll in this natural disaster will continue to increase. As with any monolithic government whether its a Communist or a military junta. As the central government tries to react with a few making all the decisions of course they cannot react as quickly as thousands of people making decisions quickly. Now the government is dragging its feet in allowing outside governments into help. In a time like this they need all the help they can get but they will not want to let out the secrets of their country or allow outsiders to show their citizens there is a better, free world out there. I just pray that the Government of Myanmar takes mercy on its citizens quickly and allows the outside world to come in and help. In the mean time the death toll number will climb quickly and reach proportions not seen in decades.

American Idol final 4

I was reading about the final four on American Idol. You know I was really not very excited having watch the show. Archuleta and Syesha were very good but boring and predictable. Castro was one of the worst performance I have so late in the competition. David Cook was by far the best singer of the night but there is just something about him that I am not so crazy about. It seems like he has a big attitude. I know for sure after Idol he will be a huge success and like his friend Chris Daughtry. It will be interesting to see what is the future for Jason. He just seems to get more and more weird everyday. If he does not go home this week then you know the show is broken and as finally jumped the shark. I have not been sad to any of this seasons contestants go home.

Monday, May 5, 2008

What the Heck is SinkodeMayo

What the world is Cino de Mayo anyway? Is it just another excuse to drink. The only thing most people know is it is some Mexican holiday so it is time to drink Margarita's and Corona. Have you wondered what happened on May 5th. Well it is time for a little bit of background. On that day in 1862 the Mexican Army defeated a much larger French Army at the Battle of Puebla. So basically we are celebrating the Mexicans kicking some French backside. I think that is enough to host and Corona to and eat a few extra nachos. Of course I never need an excuse to drink a Margarita but I think I will save that for the weekend.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kentucky Derby

Wow, I just read that Eight Belles was put down at the Kentucky Derby. I am not a horse racing fan at all. I wonder how it continues to make so much money. I guess there are a lot of gamblers who spend big bucks on the races. Still it is sad to know that they had to put down the second place horse. It just seems wrong that a horse can break its leg just running and then it is just amazing that it can not live after it breaks them. I think they have breed those horse just to finely. I saw on a show I think it was Discovery Science channel the show Understanding about speed that average race times for horses have increased in the last few years. The top records have not changed just the science of horses has allowed them to get the max out of any horse. What fun is that? I guess I am not a gambler

Survivor Ponderosa

As a big fan of Survivor I was happy to see the online video's for the Survivors that make up the Jury. The Survivor Ponderosa online video series is a behind the scenes look that all of the diehard fans love to watch. I would love to see this produced into a show of its own. Watch every Survivor come out of the woods and stop playing the game. CBS should make this into a show of its own. They could play it in a different time or in a half hour slot after the main show. Another option would be to save up and when half the jury is sitting then show an hour show after the main survivor with the welcome of each survivor. There is just so much juicy realty tv to watch. I guess people like me can never get enough. I also think CBS should make a wake to embed video into other blogs. I think the secret to successful video online is to allow embedded video. As would do here a embedded video is more likely to be watched then just clicking on the link. Once you get sucked into the video I think you are likely to go to the site of that video to see more. Just my opinion on successful video posting.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Flower Award

Receiving a flower from a blogger friend is a nice feeling. Likewise, giving flowers is one way to express a range of emotions when words are unable to convey in the sender's behalf. For me, receiving this flower award carry a significant meaning. Therefore, I would like to extend my gratitude to Flor for the beautiful award. I like flower very much! Giving this award to all my blogger friends. Pls feel free to grab it.

Dinner Tonight at El Ranchero

We had a very long conversation about what we were gonna have for dinner tonight before we end up eating in the Mexican Restaurant named El Ranchero. We used to eat there before but, its been a while since we have gone back because we've been watching our food intake lately with the desire of losing weights. Guess what we did? Instead of going to the Gym we would rather eat outside hays!
These are the phone pics my Babe Dako took with his phone. There is no flash on the Camera and the lighting is bad so the pictures are a little dark. But you can see the sauces we enjoyed along with our dishes. We both got Tacos. I ordered chicken or de Pollo Asado but the taco's I received were beef. We told the waitress to never mind because the ones they brought looked very delicious. So to be honest I am not sure what the name of the taco was. We love to eat the chips and salsa before they bring us the meal. We eat to many of them. Sometimes my Babe Dako even eats more chips after he eats all his dinner. That is why he is too big heh... He ordered the standard ground beef burito and an enchilada. Overall, it is one of our favorite because they give you a lot of good food for a very fair cost.

Washington Nationals Ball Park

This week we received a few tickets to the Washington Nationals game against the Chicago Cubs. The tickets were for the PNC Diamond section. With tickets in those sections you get $35 worth of food purchases. They use your ticket stub like a credit card and charge against the ticket until you use all $35 then you can pay in cash or with credit card. From the Diamond Section you have access to a buffet and a full service Bar. The buffet cost $25 and is of course all you can eat. We arrived an hour or so before the game and three of us ate from the buffet. The food was gourmet selections with such things as rack of Lamb, mushroom stuff ravioli with basil sauce, Fennel salad, rice pilaf and some others. There were about 10 items for main entrees and side veggies with two salad selections. Then there was a whole bunch on the dessert line. The food was not really that good. I liked the ideas they had but the food had sat wait to long so it was either dry or soggy depending on the dish. The desserts were very good though. The chocolate cake was rich and moist. I am not a big fan of lamb so I may not have appreciated it as much because of that. Overall I though it had a failing grade for the buffet. The nice part was a selection of tables on a back porch area that you could see out over the field. But there was a limited number of these and I think unless you go there early you had to sit back off so you could not see the field as well. They also had a bunch of tables inside with a lot of TV's around so you could see the game. The buffet was available through out the entire game. After we ate the buffet we then went to our seats about the time the game started. We then figured out you could order from a limited menu with stuff like Dogs, burgers, fries, ice cream bars, and peanuts. Also you could order drinks. The bar inside had a descent selection of tap beers like blue moon, bass ale and some others. Out side you could only order bottled beer. The prices were outrageous as you would expect from ballpark food. But since we had the vouchers it was not so bad. The ladies that took the orders had a hand held devise that they but the order in and charged against your ticket or your credit card if your ticket was out of money. The food was pretty basic fare. I saw a lot of others who went to the vendors around the park and brought food from there. Some of the vendors looked like they might have had some pretty good food. Overall I was disappointed in the food in the Diamond section. As for the rest of the stadium it would be interesting to go back a sample it but I am not that big a baseball fan and with our the special parking pass we got with our tickets it would have been a pain to get out of the stadium, so I do not think we will be going back any time soon. I think I would rather go to the local AAA team the Hagerstown Suns (which are an affiliate of the Nationals.)