Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cyclone Nargis hits Myanmar death toll is raising!

The closed society is quickly proving for deadly for so many in Myanmar. I am sure the death toll in this natural disaster will continue to increase. As with any monolithic government whether its a Communist or a military junta. As the central government tries to react with a few making all the decisions of course they cannot react as quickly as thousands of people making decisions quickly. Now the government is dragging its feet in allowing outside governments into help. In a time like this they need all the help they can get but they will not want to let out the secrets of their country or allow outsiders to show their citizens there is a better, free world out there. I just pray that the Government of Myanmar takes mercy on its citizens quickly and allows the outside world to come in and help. In the mean time the death toll number will climb quickly and reach proportions not seen in decades.

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