Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dinner Tonight at El Ranchero

We had a very long conversation about what we were gonna have for dinner tonight before we end up eating in the Mexican Restaurant named El Ranchero. We used to eat there before but, its been a while since we have gone back because we've been watching our food intake lately with the desire of losing weights. Guess what we did? Instead of going to the Gym we would rather eat outside hays!
These are the phone pics my Babe Dako took with his phone. There is no flash on the Camera and the lighting is bad so the pictures are a little dark. But you can see the sauces we enjoyed along with our dishes. We both got Tacos. I ordered chicken or de Pollo Asado but the taco's I received were beef. We told the waitress to never mind because the ones they brought looked very delicious. So to be honest I am not sure what the name of the taco was. We love to eat the chips and salsa before they bring us the meal. We eat to many of them. Sometimes my Babe Dako even eats more chips after he eats all his dinner. That is why he is too big heh... He ordered the standard ground beef burito and an enchilada. Overall, it is one of our favorite because they give you a lot of good food for a very fair cost.

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