Saturday, February 16, 2008

Red Curry on Railway lane for Lunch

Red Curry is the third (I believe) Asian restaurant to move into the old Sakura since they move a few store fronts over. The dominate flavor on the menu is Thai. The Red Curry is a very nicely decorated place. The staff are nice and attentive. It is by far the best Thai in Hagerstown. The menu is dominated with Thai dishes which my wife and I absolutely love but there are a number of Chinese dishes on the menu which is good if you have a group of people and there is someone who is not so sure they like Thai but will eat Chinese. There are also a number of Japanese influences also. We ordered Pad Thai, Red Curry and Broccoli Chicken. We ordered the lunch menu so the portions were smaller but nice size for lunch. The meals came with soup (wonton or miso) and rice (steamed or veg Fried) all three meals were delicious. The ingredients were very fresh and very tasty. They do not have any beer or wine on the menu but that may be just because they recently opened. It was very nice experience, relaxing and tasty. I would recommend it and will be going back again. It is a really good choice if you know you want Asian food but not sure if you want Chinese, Japanese or Thai. I really hope this one sticks better than the two previous restaurants.

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