Sunday, May 18, 2008

SM Mall of Asia

My Babe Dako had never heard about Mall of Asia before and I never been there too. WOw! when I read some articles about it today I was stunned. I know I am one who loves shopping malls but WOW!. This one is huge there is nothing like it in America. It looks like it is the third largest mall in the world. SM Prime must own all the malls in the Philippines. I don't think on our next trip we will be in Manila long enough to visit. But you never know with flight delays and such we may find ourselves in Manila with time to shop. I can see this becoming a huge attraction for Americans. A large portion of the Philippines speak some English and the dollar goes very far. The biggest different though is the crime in Manila. It is not a safe place and they will need to clean that up before they can expect to have flocks of American's come to shop and vacation.


  1. hmm...yes, it is really such a huge place, they even have golf cars around! *winks* i am sure you'll enjoy. recently, manila ocean park was opened for public, just at the back of luneta park---you have to see that too!

    with regards to crime rate in manila, it is not that alarming as what we have thought and every place could be possible for a crimes like theft etc, it depends to the person and it is safe to stay anywhere if you knew how to be safe! everywhere has crimes and the only zero crime rate in the phils is the batanes province and that was based on records! *winks* i'll try to get some stats from work regarding crime rates...*smile*

    just be safe always anywhere and where ever you are! *hugs*

    i'm excited for your phils trip...

  2. hello my dear, I`ve been there when I went home last fall and its huge.


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