Saturday, May 3, 2008

Survivor Ponderosa

As a big fan of Survivor I was happy to see the online video's for the Survivors that make up the Jury. The Survivor Ponderosa online video series is a behind the scenes look that all of the diehard fans love to watch. I would love to see this produced into a show of its own. Watch every Survivor come out of the woods and stop playing the game. CBS should make this into a show of its own. They could play it in a different time or in a half hour slot after the main show. Another option would be to save up and when half the jury is sitting then show an hour show after the main survivor with the welcome of each survivor. There is just so much juicy realty tv to watch. I guess people like me can never get enough. I also think CBS should make a wake to embed video into other blogs. I think the secret to successful video online is to allow embedded video. As would do here a embedded video is more likely to be watched then just clicking on the link. Once you get sucked into the video I think you are likely to go to the site of that video to see more. Just my opinion on successful video posting.

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