Thursday, May 1, 2008

Washington Nationals Ball Park

This week we received a few tickets to the Washington Nationals game against the Chicago Cubs. The tickets were for the PNC Diamond section. With tickets in those sections you get $35 worth of food purchases. They use your ticket stub like a credit card and charge against the ticket until you use all $35 then you can pay in cash or with credit card. From the Diamond Section you have access to a buffet and a full service Bar. The buffet cost $25 and is of course all you can eat. We arrived an hour or so before the game and three of us ate from the buffet. The food was gourmet selections with such things as rack of Lamb, mushroom stuff ravioli with basil sauce, Fennel salad, rice pilaf and some others. There were about 10 items for main entrees and side veggies with two salad selections. Then there was a whole bunch on the dessert line. The food was not really that good. I liked the ideas they had but the food had sat wait to long so it was either dry or soggy depending on the dish. The desserts were very good though. The chocolate cake was rich and moist. I am not a big fan of lamb so I may not have appreciated it as much because of that. Overall I though it had a failing grade for the buffet. The nice part was a selection of tables on a back porch area that you could see out over the field. But there was a limited number of these and I think unless you go there early you had to sit back off so you could not see the field as well. They also had a bunch of tables inside with a lot of TV's around so you could see the game. The buffet was available through out the entire game. After we ate the buffet we then went to our seats about the time the game started. We then figured out you could order from a limited menu with stuff like Dogs, burgers, fries, ice cream bars, and peanuts. Also you could order drinks. The bar inside had a descent selection of tap beers like blue moon, bass ale and some others. Out side you could only order bottled beer. The prices were outrageous as you would expect from ballpark food. But since we had the vouchers it was not so bad. The ladies that took the orders had a hand held devise that they but the order in and charged against your ticket or your credit card if your ticket was out of money. The food was pretty basic fare. I saw a lot of others who went to the vendors around the park and brought food from there. Some of the vendors looked like they might have had some pretty good food. Overall I was disappointed in the food in the Diamond section. As for the rest of the stadium it would be interesting to go back a sample it but I am not that big a baseball fan and with our the special parking pass we got with our tickets it would have been a pain to get out of the stadium, so I do not think we will be going back any time soon. I think I would rather go to the local AAA team the Hagerstown Suns (which are an affiliate of the Nationals.)

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