Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yehey!!! Tickets is on the way

Yay! Today we finally took the plunged to get our tickets online for our trip in second week of September. We both agreed that it’s better to get our tickets this early rather than wait the next coming months since the fuel price now is increased terribly! We are both excited that we finally bought our tickets and in few days were able to receive our paper tickets on the mail. I know for sure few days before our trip I may not able to sleep knowing that I will get to see my family again after almost 3 years of not being with them. Hayss.. I wish September will be tomorrow so that I will be in the Philippines by then hehe. Just getting very excited here lol! Now, we both have peace of mind because our tickets will be in our hands in few days. I am thinking I will start packing in August lol when I told my Babe Dako about it today, he was laughing at me. He said, every time he made a trip before I came here he had to pack a day before he left. Whatttt??? I can't believe it. Oh well, you know some guy are like that hehe..Now, I am here I will pack a month before we leave lol. Maybe I'll start packing tomorrow instead hahahahahahaha..


  1. wow, you haven't been home for 3 years?!!! no wonder you miss your family that much! i will also be sooo excited if i am in your place. you must be missing them so bad!

    time fly so fast, before you know it, you'll be flying back home!

  2. wow, it would be great to see your family again, i am sure you will have a blast! i can feel your excitement, *winks* have a safe trip...take care!


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