Friday, June 13, 2008

One to grow on, Never Give Up!

Well, its Friday! I just stay home today and do a lot of reading. I just feel like missing my passion reading books and tell a story. Today, I grabbed lots of books and read. It does inspire me when I read a story that shows perseverance. If you have the sense of perseverance that means you never giving up despite of hardships and trials that come along. When you're in the race, it would have been easy to quit right? The other opponent was winning by so much that it looked like you could never catch up. Even though everyone laughed at you and no one thought you had a chance of winning, you kept going. The story shows that anything is possible with a little perseverance. As you grow, you will learn that things don't always come easily. Sometimes we have to work a little harder to be good at something. But as the story shows, wonderful things can happen when you don't give up. Isn't that inspiring to read? Love it!


  1. I dont really a book reader and I envy those who do. Hi Dezz I got a tag for you. PLs visit the link if u r interested
    Anneberly's Beyond


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