Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Peso to a Dollar

Last week the rate of peso to a dollar reached to 45 Pesos, I was completely happy! I thought it would continue to rise due to the high price of gas in the world market. But, I am saddened when I saw the exchange rate today it seems that the dollar started to slow down again against the peso (sigh). See the exchange rate HERE. Even just watching the news I can feel the anguish of those poor people who are suffering from poverty. Their lifestyles were more difficult now than before due to high price of commodities and of course the unending gas price hike! My goodness! I don't know what to say, my family says everything is expensive there now! Honestly, I am so scared what would be the economy of the Philippines few years from now. Sometimes I avoid watching about the Philippine news because I feel really sad what was happening in my own country. It seems more people experiencing tough lifestyle that they never had experienced before. It seems more people become poorer, I mean Filipinos quality of life got worse! I really can't wait to go visit in September and be observant to my surroundings while I'm there. I can't even wait to see the big changes or to compare the difference between 4 years ago when I left to the current situation. Even I'm still here I can feel the difficulty of the people there who are crying for anguish for the President to provide their needs and get out from poverty. Hayss, its life talaga!!!!


  1. Hay Dezz...sama mo nga ako pag uwi. Kasya siguro ako sa isang maleta mo. Hahaha....ay may bata pala akong kasama so 2 maleta ha? Heehe...yung mister ko maglalakad na lang siguro...

    Hay naku...musta ang Wednesday mo? Dito walang tigil ang ulan. Araw araw na lang. Pero sabi ng asawa ko mabuti daw ang ulan. Wag naman sanang araw araw eh.

    Anyway, napadaan at nakiki usyoso here...

    Mommy Wahm

  2. Napadaan lang.Ang saya naman, nandyan ka na.Heto ang Pilipinas nangangapa pa rin sa dilim. Eleksyon na naman,sana may pagbabago na, sa malaon at madali.


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