Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sleepless nights

I am counting the days and night of our visit to the Philippines in September. It will be 2 months from today will be the biggest trip we gonna make to see my family again. I started to think of all the things I need to pack and the things we need to put on our carry on bags. I am concerned about this coming trip because I read on the news that there are some planes changed their rules and regulations about the hand carry bags and luggage. I think Philippine Airlines we can only have 50 lbs. to put in our luggage. So, my Babe Dako and had a conversation to not bring more stuff just one bag each of us and some chocolates to put in our bags. I thought it's a good idea since I already send out 4 boxes home last month and most of the stuff inside the boxes was for my family.

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