Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two Years of Marriage

Today is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Were both happy spending time together in Virginia Beach last night and today. After a short day there with my Sister-in-law and her kids we decided to just head home a little early and spend a wonderful dinner together. From Virginia Beach we decided to stop by Washington DC to eat our simple anniversary dinner in a very nice Thai Restaurant along Connecticut Avenue. My Babe Dako was not sure if he could find it without a map (we did not have any maps in the car because we were not planning to stop anywhere.) Anyway we were able to find the restaurant and we had a very nice meal there. Just before we got home after a very long drive we decided to stop by Cold Stone Creamery to grab a small anniversary cake, since Cold Stone is my FAVORITE ice cream....YUMMY! Besides the ice cream cake here's the surprise gifts I received from my Babe Dako. Another Coach Purse and wallet. I am very happy with the gifts. It really meant the world to me and I can't express how grateful I am that I am married to the most wonderful husband in the world. He's so sweet and loving. Anyway, below is my anniversary collections of COACH purses and wallets. It seems that I like to get Coach for anniversaries. I never would have imagined that I would own this very expensive stuff. My Babe Dako loves to spoiled me a lot and makes me happy. He is so much more than happy when he sees me smiling.-:) So, that was our Second Anniversary. It was small but yet seemed to be exciting with all the travel. Of course there is a chance on Sunday we may celebrate a little more but you will have to read tomorrow's post to find out.... :)


  1. Wow! Nice 2nd year celebration, Dezz! :-) I wish you more and more pa jud sa moabot pang mga katuigan.

    Anyway, sorry for my late visit into your page, I've been busy in these last few weeks. Just letting you know I was here and still remember you! :-) Have a good one! :-)


  2. Happy anniversary sa inyo! wow coach :)


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