Friday, July 18, 2008

What are you having for supper tonight?

Well, we just ate outside for our dinner tonight although I never think of going out because I was staying at home all day and I didn't feel like getting dress to eat outside. I cooked beef stew for lunch and we had some left over. Before my Babe Dako left for work this afternoon, I asked him what I'm gonna make for dinner, he wants to just eat some left over. But, when he got home from work, I was surprised he told me about craving for something or he wanted to eat outside. So, I just put away my laziness changed clothes and go... We ended up eating in the Chinese Restaurant! Oh I love Chinese food that somehow it tastes like Filipino food! Just last week we've been to this Chinese Restaurant because I seems to like eating there. The food was great but I never been eating that much! I forgot to take some snap shot of our food but anyway, there's always next time lol. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. hi dezz im here hope to see u again.

  2. hi dezz im here from my other blog. hope to see u too.


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