Friday, August 29, 2008

Life Full Of Surprises

I felt so bored this afternoon so I decided to just drive around town. I was debating where to go, but I was ended up in Filipino Store. Luckily, the owner who is also my friend was there. I chatted with her for a while until our conversation were about shopping to the malls because seemed they were giving away lots of surprises and discounts. Since, she needs to watch the store I went by myself. She told me, she just came from K Mart and she even asked me to go there. So, I went to K Mart never think about shopping that much because in less than 3 weeks we will go visit the Philippines. While I keep walking around, I just realized that I was pushing a cart already with full of clothes for myself and for my Babe Dako lol. When I was in BIG MAN section hehe a sales lady approached me saying, they're giving aways free jewelries if they pick your ticket numbers. I told her, I may just have one ticket and wait when they draw it in few minutes. So I keep shopping around, until I heard them calling that all shoppers who have their tickets need to go in front and check their numbers maybe the lucky one who gets their free jewelries.

I went quickly where they draw the lucky winner. I was waiting for my number because I had the feeling they might pick mine. My guts were right lol! I won 14 K necklace and bracelets with LIFETIME guarantee hahah (That means if the bracelets and necklace become damaged or tarnished I just return it to their factory and it will be replaced without charge EVEN IF THE DAMAGE IS MY FAULT) I can't believe what I got! I had so much fun shopping today with full of excitement and surprised blessings!

Review Your Own Website at Talk Reviews

I found a great website that lists all the Top Websites. You can list your site or you can list other websites and then review them. They have so many WebSite Reviews. No matter what kind of website you are looking for, you can always find the best ones on the internet. Why waste time looking around at websites you don't want to read when you can find the best ones at your fingertips!

Old Stuff Found

Today, I started to think about the things I need to put in my carry on bag and luggage for our trip to the Philippines next month. Yeah it's too early! But, it's just me lol. love to pack and think ahead whenever I make a trip. When I went over all the stuff I brought with me from Singapore more than a year ago, I have found my old ipod and speaker, 7260 cellphone I used in Singapore for few years, keys for my room in the Philippines and my old cameras. My nephew or niece will be very happy with this stuff because they need to be used by someone with tender loving care lol. I already had all this gadgets so it's time to give them away.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Paying Off Your Debt

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Then, by paying steady payments with a year or two you will be completely debt free. Imagine being finally free of the mountain of debt acquired piece by piece over the years! You'll never suddenly get into debt it always seems like it grows slowly then all of a sudden you realize you have over extended yourself and you are lucky to just pay the minimums with no hope of ever paying off the principal. Well, the solution for you is here with Freedom Debt Relief. They were the answer to your prayers and needs that will give you the chance to start over and get those debts paid off once and for all.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Is True Love?

I like this Mummy Sheng. Thanks so much for the thoughts! * What does true love mean to you? --> True love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Love bears all things; believes all things; hopes all things; endures all things. * How do you know you’re really in love? --> When I feel inspired and seems everything goes perfect. * How many times in your life have you fallen in love? --> Honestly, many times. But, my last person I've fallen in love with no other than my Babe Dako! * Have you ever fallen out of true love because you were mad at the moment? --> I don't think so * Do you feel love and physical attraction are the same thing? --> I don't think so. * If your true love became ill or disfigured would you continue to love them the same way? --> Of course! No matter what happens love is always there rain or shine lol. ti'll death do us part! * Should anyone else be able to tell you who to love or not love? --> Never! I am stubborn! I get what I wanted. There's no way I let anyone control my life. I myself knows what is best for me and for my future. * Do you believe people that ended up divorced were ever truly in love? --> I don't believe so. If they truly love each other, they will stick each other through thick or thin forever.... * Would you do anything for love? --> Absolutely! They say, love conquers all. I conquer everything for love. I can climb the highest mountains for love and give up everything for love hahhaha.. * If you truly love someone, do you feel it should be unconditional? --> Absolutely Yes! I love my Babe Dako unconditionally, forever and always!!! Tagging Marlet, Yumz, Mommy Wahm, Ness, Ady and Twinks. Ladies you are free to grab this.. It is very cool tag to express your feeling being in love w/ your love ones.

Be Aware And Be Informed From Sexual Predators

These days we cannot guarantee ourselves and family's safety from sexual predators. So we must be aware of all the danger that really exists in this world. That is why Megan's Law exists! It is a federal bill that requires us to be kept informed of sexual predators and their whereabouts. In this bill, the detailed information about the Sexual Predators is available such as name, picture, address and nature of crime and more. In order for you to protect yourself and family, you just need to click on the link above and you may able to subscribe to locate and identify sexual predators in your respective area or state.

Yay! Peso is Going Up Against a Dollar

I am glad to see the peso seemed going up a bit today. I was able to wire money from my US bank to my Phils accounts knowing that the peso is getting stronger again. I think 45P to a dollar is not bad, so I didn't take any chances to wire funds to my accounts in the Philippines. You know, our vacation is not that far I would think, it's the best time to wire my US savings to Phils peso lol. I hate to see my dollar earnings with less peso rates that’s why when I saw on my PNBRCI account today that it is already 45P to a dollar. I never think twice really! I just sent $ 1K to one of my accounts in the Phils. I hope the peso continue to rise in the coming weeks because I am thinking about sending more pesos-:) Btw, most remittance center has their limit amounts you can send in a day or a month.

Get Accurate Results For Your People Search

Are you looking for someone you have lost contact with? It is at your fingertips! I found a great site to locate the people you're looking for. I never imagine I could find People Locator website where you can search detailed information on someone by just inserting a name in the field provided in their site. It is very cool because you'll get to access someone's information such as address, phone number, public records and more. If you're looking for family friends or someone whom you have lost contact with, try Worldwide People Search you'll get the most precise results without headache of long searches.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2 years and 1 wed monthsary

Every 25th and 26th of each month is date to remember by us. Today is our 2 years and 1 month wedding anniversary! Usually, we celebrate our monthsary by eating out but, tonight we both felt tired so we decided to just do it this coming weekend. We're both in diet and body conscious this time so we no longer think about eating anymore hehehe. Again, tonight we skip to go exercise. So, we just take a break and relax. Tomorrow there will be no more excuses!

I hope everybody is having a wonderful week. Goodnight!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Return Your Car To Pre-Accident Condition

When you are in an accident do you know where to take your car? If you want to find a place for auto body repair then this is a great link for you. You can put in your zip code and find all the shops that are closest to you. Most people who are in a wreck have no idea where to take their car so it is always helpful to find auto repair in the area that is recommended by professionals in the auto body repair industry.

3 Years Memoir

Gesshh, I've been looking at my Calender for long time when I came home today. Seems like there should be something happening on the 25th of August. I keep thinking, it's August 25 today, but I couldn't remember what was on the 25! My Gossshh! When my Babe Dako got home, he greeted me Happy Anniversary I was surprised Waaaaaa! I really forgot that today is the day we met online! It was august 25, 2005 when I worked in Singapore I met my Babe Dako online. I couldn't believe that it's been 3 years has gone and here we are living happily together. I am happy to know that in less than a month my Babe Dako will finally be going home with me. I cannot believe this much time has passed and he has not met my parents. Good for us though the time is almost here. I really miss my family and cannot wait to be home again.

New House Furniture

I am always thinking we will need new furniture for the house when we get to move in to a new home. I love to look around and find good websites that have very nice but affordable stuff. I am always looking for good discount furniture. If you click on the link you will find a very large selection of furniture which is very affordable. With those prices I am sure our new house will have a whole lot of very nice furniture.

Boxes For Moving

I really have stuck in my head about us moving to a new house. I know it is not going to be for a few months but I cannot help thinking about it. I know one of the first things we will need to get after we get our new house are moving boxes. You will not believe but I found a great site for moving boxes that have cheap prices and will ship them right away no matter where you live in the US.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

September is almost here

I am ready for tomorrow! The week will begin again tomorrow! It is hard to believe huh. Seems like the week goes fast but the weekend goes even faster. I am excited that it is almost September again and the weather will be cooling off. Soon we will be going back to the Philippiness to visit my family once again. Goodnight everyone!

Dress Up Your Cell Phone

I think it is safe to say that we all spend a lot of time on our cell phones. I wonder how much of my day I spend calling my Babe Dako, friends and family. I am sure it is hours and hours. So, of course I don’t mind getting a few cell phone accessories. This is especially true since I love to talk and talk. Well, I found the best place to find accessories for all models of cell phones. I am sure no matter what kind of phone you have you will find what you are looking for at the link above.

Happy Weekend

I hope everyone had a very good weekend. I know our family enjoyed the wonderful weather. We mostly just went for a walk and cooked on the grill. It is hard to believe that all the kids are going back to school now. The summer is coming to an end and soon it will be fall. Of course my Babe Dako is looking forward to the football season and I am looking forward to the cooler weather.

The Road To Recovery

You know some times you can get in over your head with too much spending, especially in these tough economic times. I know people who owe more money than they can hope to pay off! The key to getting yourself out of such trouble is to find a company that is good at Debt Negotiation. They can help you get on the road to economic recovery by helping get your payments into one manageable lump sum. If you are one of those who have this problem then you need to click on the link above to get on that road to recovery today!

Get Your House Squeaky Clean

Do you have any vision about cleaning up your home? Well, I am very particular with cleanliness in the house. Really! My house is not that dirty but it's not clean enough for me. If I got a chance to get a maid service I believe it will meet my expectations as they were well trained professionals. If you think about hiring a maid service, you might consider checking out MaidPro. They will help you decide which company is best suited for you. It's always hard to find somebody local but you trust. Check out MaidPro today. If your house is dirty, leave the work to MaidPro!

Fill this In

Thanks sis Twerlyn. Instruction: FILL YOUR BLOG WHERE YOU POSTED THIS: My roommate and I once: were became good friends Never in my life have I: think of having a baby. High school was: unforgettable. When I’m nervous: I'm shaking My hair: is long. When I was 5: I used to go with my Mama. When I turn my head left: I see my purse. I should be: eating by now. I am hungry. By this time next year: I might be in the Philippines alone. My favorite aunt is: don't think anybody. I have a hard time understanding: some people here in the US. You know I like you if: you are real and trusted person. My ideal breakfast is: Juice, toast, egg and bread If you visit my home town: you'll see the nice view of Mt. Matutum. If you spend the night at my house: you may hear us chika chika over night. The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: is butterfly I shouldn’t have been: here in the US, if I didn't met my Babe Dako Last night I: Slept early. A better name for me would be: dezz I’ve been told I look like: Judy hahahaha If I could have any car, it would be: small. I have one! Passing this fill in tag to Yumz, Marlet, Ness, Mommy Wahm, Nancy and Mummy Sheng

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dress Up Your Car With Best Quality Parts

What car model do you have? Do you want some replacement of your car parts to make it more comfortable to drive and looks more modern? Well, I found a website which you can find the largest selection of car parts for all makes and model. At sells product comes with original equipments to dress up your car with the highest quality parts at the best prices. If you are looking for your auto parts online Buy Auto Parts is the best place to buy with complete resource for car parts, featuring new replacement auto parts for all makes and model. They have your entire car parts needs with the best prices possible. Click the provided link above for more selection of parts of your car.

Need of Small Business Loans?

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Heartfelt Thanks To Twinks

Guys, did you noticed the new look of me heh? My very talented designer and new found friend in blogging Twinks designed it for me! When I wake up in the morning, first thing I check are my 2 blogs. Now, I am happier than before because Twinks designed my blogs the way I liked it to be. Twinks also designed my other blog Dezz Spices and this blog. You may notice the similarity of both blogs because I am so in love with blue. I am very much crazy about blue color even my car has blue in it lol.

Anyway, I just love the freshness and new look of my great inspirations! I cannot thank Twinks enough for the hard work and effort she has spent so much. I can't imagine the sleepless and tiring nights she had just to make me happy. Sis, from the bottom of my heart thank you very much! I am completely happy and satisfied with your work.

Guys, if you want to be inspired by the wonderful designs of Twinks, visit her at She can turn your blog into her amazing hand works of art designs! Believe me you'll NEVER regret working with her. A woman full of unbelievable talents, integrity and honesty makes it very easy to deal with!

Mobile Phone Informations

Are you all about mobile? Do you like to play games on your phone or maybe even more important you use your mobile for work and actually use it as a productive tool? Well, if that is the case then you need to check out SJA Mobile. They have all kinds of stuff about mobile applications. If you just like to find out the latest about mobile then you need to click the link above.

Spread the Blog Love

Thanks sis Princess for the love you shared. {Start Copy Here}
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Looking for informations about mobile stuff?

Hey folks! I just found a great site all about mobile stuff. At SJA Mobile they have all kinds of stuff about mobile applications. If you are looking for professional information or just games then you need to check out SJA Mobile. There are so many applications these days for not only your mobile computer but also for your phone. You need to click the link for more information about the SJA Mobile.

Feel Better

Glad I feel much better today! I felt more energized I was able to get some rest tonight and I will be able to get some more rest tomorrow. Just a quick note to all my readers that I may return your favors this weekend coz I need to sleep early tonight. I wish everybody will have a wonderful weekend!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Little Break

I need to take a little break folks. I'm not in the mood about doing stuff in my computer. I've been feeling sick since yesterday and I had been acting like crazy to my Babe Dako. Hope this will not getting worse as I've been so moody and very sensitive today. So, I just need to take a lil break and relax. I wish you all have a wonderful week. Goodnight Folks!

Any plans on holiday shopping?

Few months away will be Christmas Day. For sure many people will be very busy shopping and looking for some good sales. Well, I really love to shop! What's your favorite day of the year for shopping? Me? I love to shop on Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving because I know I can save more money. I always scour the Black Friday Ads the week before and then I like to go to bed early on Thanksgiving eve. Some of the stores open at midnight around here but I am not so crazy as to go shopping that early. I am always able to find great deals but the crowds are unbelievable and if I get in line to wait in the wrong store then I waste a lot of precious time when I could be finding great sales at another store. Well, I have the solution for this year. Black Friday dot biz is the website that links you directly to the stores that have the best sales. I can get the same great deals online and not have to waste so much time in lines and even worse in stores that don't sale items that I am looking for. They even have my favorite store Sam's Club. Sam's Club has the best deals in the world if you have the storage space but, even more so on My Husband and I love to get our items in bulk and we have a storage closet just for stuff we get from there. They also have nice selection electronics from Plasma TVs and phones to Ipod’s. In fact, we went there yesterday bought many stuff in the house. I always leave the store with a huge cart full of stuff but of course they never give you bags to put the stuff which took me sometime to get used to. If you love Sam's Club then you need to check out They also have a whole lot more merchants you can check out.

Pizza and Tuscani Pastas

Last night we went to Sam's Club to buy some foods. I thought when we shopped last time it will last for a month but I was wrong lol. So last night we decided to bought a bundle of foods again that will last for a month. I was so hungry while I walked around and here comes in mind the pizza and tuscani pastas that I felt like craving for. As soon as we got home we ordered it online and my Babe Dako picked it up while I unpacked our stuff..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thinking about having a baby?

You know I can not get out of my head about having a baby. I am not sure if now is the right time but I see websites about stuff like crib bedding and it gets my mind working over time thinking about all the things I would love to get if I decided now is the time for a baby. I am pretty sure I will wait awhile but I have a list going in my head of things we need to do when the right time does come around.

Use Callaway Clubs for more exercise

Now that summer is half way over I am thinking that I want to get some Gold Clubs so I can learn to play. My husband has a set but he does not really use them much. I am thinking I would like to get a set of Callaway irons. So that I can learn and then my husband and I can go out and play golf together. It is a nice form of exercise to walk around the course together and still enjoy our time together.

Friday, August 15, 2008

What's your favorite Sea Food?

Again, tonight we ate our dinner outside. We went to Pacific Ocean. While we were eating, I was wondering why my Babe Dako was staring at something. I asked him what are you looking for? He then said, "Tambok Itum Babae, Dako Lubot" hahahah I was shocked he was able to say all those word by word lol. When I looked at my back he was right I saw a girl standing in front of the cashier that's what she looked like hehe. Anyway, here's what I had tonight my all time favorite sea food, CRAB. As you can see I had a good time eating, so I spent a long time eating it lol! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Remedies to Stop Snoring

Many people snore while they are sleeping. Did you know what the cause of snoring is and how to stop snoring? Snoring is a common sleep disorder that can affect all people at any age, although it occurs more frequently in men and people who are overweight. Snoring has a tendency to worsen with age. It occurs when the flow of air through the mouth and nose is physically obstructed. The walls of the throat vibrate during breathing, resulting in the distinctive sounds of snoring. On the other hand, there are some remedies to cure or stop snoring. You might limit alcohol medications, lose weight, clear your nasal passages, and sleep on your side. However, finding better ways to stop snoring has not let up to say the least. The Snoring Research is ongoing and there are even more individuals who volunteer for a vast variety of testing.

Tired Hopping

Ok, today I feel like doing my rounds visiting most blogs in my list. My goodness it's not easy really! My fingers are feeling numbed after 2 hours of visiting different blogs. Can you imagine? I just do this once a month lol. Yes, I do blog hopping once in a while but visiting most blogs in my list is not something I can do everyday due to my busy sched, attend my needs, work, cook etc...However, since I am home all day today, realized I need to return favors to those who have visited me before and missed it. Actually, I am not done yet! I need to take a little break. Hope to hear from you folks! Have a good evening!

Need of Laboratory Furnitures?

Are you in need of a Lab Bench? If you are, you need to check out FORMASPACE. They develop elegant, practical, flexible solutions for customers in laboratory, technical, drafting, material handling, and industrial environments. They also have an incredible selection of benches and furnitures you need which are both nice looking and functional. Visit their whole range of set ups which you can find to meet your work or Laboratory bench needs no matter what they are. Best of all, they can even build a custom bench for you!

Tempura Night

Tonight I had my new favorite dish called Tempura. I don’t know why but I really have fallen in love with the taste of it lol. I have found a lot restaurants in my area that have it. But, the taste of Tempura in Orchid Garden is the best! Tonight for dinner we ordered 2 appetizers with shrimp and veges tempura. We ate almost all of it but we were smart enough to save some for breakfast tomorrow hehe. Even with two of those dishes my Babe Dako also ordered a dinner Mongolian Beef, which tasted really good. So now we are really full! Oh I almost forgot I also got 2 bowls of hot and sour soup gessh I can't believe I ate too much tonight coz I feel like craving some soup. Now I need to take a nap I ate so much dinner!

PS. the picture is not so clear because my Babe Dako used the phone camera.

Looking for cheapest car hire?

You know I found a great site for those visiting the USA from the United Kingdom. If you are planning to visit the US and need to find a car hire usa. Then, you need to check out They collect the best rate for the days when you need them and they tell you in Pounds how much it will cost. It is funny to see everything in British units and words which are different from what we use and say here in America. As they say, we are two countries separated by a common language. Anyway, if you are looking for the cheapest car hire online visit them today!

Blogger Award

Thank you for this sis Marlet. Glad I belong to the group hehe..
Kick Ass Blogger Award
Do you know any bloggers that kick ass? Maybe they've got incredible, original content. Or they're overflowing with creativity. Is it someone that helps you become a better blogger? Or a bloggy friend you know you can count on? Or maybe it's someone who simply inspires you to be a better person... or someone else who sends you to the floor, laughing your ass off. Whatever the reason may be, I'm sure you know at least a couple of bloggers that kick ass. Well... why not tell 'em so? LOVE ON 'EM
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Don't forget to link up the person who nominated you for the Kick Ass Blogger Club. To grab the code for the image above, hop back to and sign up at Mr. Linky. I would love to pass this to the ff: Ness Yumz Ady Mummy Wahm Marky

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weight loss in a pill

I have been trying to get rid of the bulge around my waist but it seemed like no matter what I ate or how hard I worked out I could never get rid of it. That is until I heard about Ephedrasil Hardcore. Wow! it is the greatest fat burning pill which is legal in the US. I know with this product I can get that added kick which will help me reach my weight loss goals. If you want to really lose those extra pounds then you need to check out Ephedrasil Hardcore.

Its all about me

I am: small but terrible-:) I think: about my loved ones always I know: we will be in the Phils next month. I have: a very kind and loving husband I wish: I will be in Phils right now! I hate: people who are liar and jealous I miss: my family I fear: the Lord. I hear: you all the time I smell: my hair good. I crave: for Jollibee I search: for anything on the net. I wonder: where I am 10 years from now I regret: for nothing I love: my Babe Dako and Family I ache: my stomach I am not: yet ready to have a baby I believe: everything is possible I dance: never I sing: all the time I cry: sometimes I fight: for nothing I win: all the time when my Babe Dako and I have a disagreements lol I lose: when I stop I never: thought I could be happier as I am today I always: say I love to my Babe Dako I confuse: nobody I listen: when my Babe Dako is talking I can usually be found: at home and work I am scared: of the dark lol I need: waxing I am happy about: my wonderful life and family here in the US I imagine: my Babe dako and I were in Phils with family. Participants: Startin’ A New Life, Too / All Things Me / Because Life Is Fun / Feels Like Home / My Happy Place / Iam Dzoi / Suburban Sass / To the Moon and Back / Raising Sandy / Mommy Talks / Aggie Shoots. Aggie Scraps / All Kinds of Me Stuff / The Salad Caper / Winding Creek Circle / InkBabyStudios / My Colorful World / Random Thoughts / Explore Manila / My Online World / My Life in this Wonderful World / In Depth / Ed's Mommy Life / Just Me..Eds / My Precious Niche / T☺ni's Attachments / Sheng's Simple Thoughts / Gamay and Dako Adventures Thank you Mummy sheng for this. Feel free to grab this.

Shop for your Sexy Lingerie Online

Let's face it that every woman loves to wear sexy lingerie. Who hasn't? Well, I really love to wear sexy lingerie especially to wear at night and in the bedroom. I think every woman have their own taste and fashion when it comes to wearing sexy lingerie. For me, whenever I shop for my sexy lingerie I am looking for the material. I want the best quality clothing that will last longer. The garment must be modern types and is warmth to wear and modest. I am one who loves to shop online for my intimate apparels.

Thankfully, I found a new website today where I can find the sexy lingerie that I need. If you love to shop for your sexy lingerie needs Prima Donna Bras and lingerie is the place where you can find the perfect luxury lingerie for yourself. They have huge collection of Prima Donna Lingerie that suits for all body types. Whether you prefer fashion forward lingerie or more classic styles, they have a wide selection of sexy lingerie in lace, satin, tulle, and a lot more. You can even shop by brand, that means whatever brand you're looking for, you can find it in Bits Of Lace dot com. Best of all, when you shop at them you will get FREE shipping on all orders over $50 with the elegant gift wrapping which you may consider giving as a gift for your women friends. Shop today and explore the wide collection of Bits of Lace.

Bored Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday everyone! How was your day so far? Me, here I am sitting and thinking what to do the rest of the day. Well, well, I just got home in a sudden I feel bored lol. My babe Dako and I just finished our lunch and he went back to work shortly after but I'll stay. Now, I am bored hays! I don't know what to do since everything here looks clean already. I should take a nap or run some errands? My gossh, If I run some errands I will end up shopping for sure. Hmm.. I don't want to get so tired because tonight will be exercise time again. Ok then, I know what i'm gonna do. Read and Relax!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Meeting from anywhere!

Are you an avid blogger? How would you like to have meetings without every leaving the comfort of your home and your computer? Telepresence is the new way to have a remote meeting but feel like you are in the room with all the other people. You can have face to face high definition meetings and save all the travel time. If you are not convinced it will work for you click the Telepresence link to set up a demonstration today.

Did you watched? I did!

I get to watched on TV the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics. That was the most memorable Olympics I've ever seen! I can't imagine how much hard work has made by Chinese people in preparation for the events. It was soo wonderful to watched especially the facilities they used during the presentation. Even I just watch on tv I can imagine the spectacular view of their Bird's Nest Stadium which occupied by thousands of people around the world. I was wowed though with the breathtaking opening ceremony they had that made me believe Chinese were so talented.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Clock in the Hall

Growing up my parents had a Grand Father Clock in the hall it always seemed like a place of honor in our house. I can remember always knowing what the time was from hearing the chimes in the hallway. I would marvel at the pendulum that swung back and forth didn’t stop. I have to say it really mesmerized me. It is such a part of my childhood that it brings back memories when I visit my parents and hear those chimes all different times of the day. Now that I am older I am sure that I want to put one in my house. Grandfather clocks always made any house that I am in feel like home. I would love for my kids to grow up hearing those same comforting tones that I always heard. The chimes in the hall remind me of such good times of my youth. Nowadays, we are in the internet age the time of Grandfather Clocks has not ended. I was even fortunate enough to have found the best place online to search for the perfect Grand Father clock. It is at Of course if you are not as nostalgic as me about such things you can even look for an atomic clock which will never lose time. But for me I like to have a bit of the old fashion with my tech savvy house of the future.

Sleeping while Babe Dako Cleaning!

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? I just woke up from a very long nap. I was watching an Olympics basketball men USA vs. China, what the heck I fall asleep lol. Good thing it was recorded so I could continue watching later tonight. I was so impressed with the performance of US team. Seems they’re going to take a lot of gold medals back home. Anyway, after I woke up I went to the bathroom I've noticed our bathroom was so clean. That means my very kind and loving Babe Dako cleaned our bathroom while I took a nap. Good wife huh? Well, he does clean our bathroom all the time though because it was his assignment lol. I am so proud of my Babe Dako, he never fails to fulfill his promise hehe.. Thank you my Babe Dako. Love you!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Awesome Custom Photo Product Online!

Wow! I am impressed when I see the product of I just found today. As soon as I saw it I was like Wow! I want one of this so bad! I even called my husband from the next room to show him the website I just found. I told him I want to have a pillow with our photo on it. My goodness I can’t wait to order from them. Honestly, I really love their custom bedding! They customized Photo Blanket, shower curtains, duvet covers, pillows and pillowcases. Very cool isn't? You can turn your favorite photo into a machine washable work of art! Very easy 3 steps to order online, just choose the product you want, send your photo and checkout. In 2-4 weeks time they'll ship it FREE. I'll definitely order from them. Click the link above if you want to see their product and to order online.

It's so Amazing!

WOW! It is already 1 AM EST here I'm still awake. I've watch on NBC the Live Opening of Beijing Olympics which I recorded earlier today. My goodness, I can't imagine how many people were there in their stadium. It was amazing to watched some of the Chinese rituals and cultures represented on the opening ceremony. It was unbelievable! So far, 647 are the highest delegates I've seen from the United States. Next, were China they were 639 of them. I thought they could be more than that but I am happy to see 15 Athletes from my own country. I will continue watching tomorrow for sure! If you missed watching the opening ceremony, you better watch it. You really missed the beautiful presentation they had. It was sooooo amazing to watch on tv!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Get yourself a checking account

Are you thinking about opening Checking Accounts? I have had in the past quite a few accounts but I have to tell you that Washington Mutual has a whole host of services which make them one of the best banks for me. I just like all the options they give like free checks for life. You have to check out their website today and have your own account from them. Save yourself on interest and fees on every transaction.

Cheap auto insurance online

I hate to pay so much for my auto insurance. That is why first thing I do is finding cheap auto insurance quotes so that I could save money on my car insurance. Whenever I find a good website for good insurance I get excited and I want to share it with all my friends. So often there are many sites that claim to be the cheapest auto insurance for sure. Not only are they cheap but that have great service. Even if you don't need auto insurance, Insurance Bureau has many different types of insurance including home, life, business, health insurance and more. Check them out today to find more information on different kinds of insurance on their website.

I promise!

Hayss, I just got home and feel really tired! Now, I have something in mind whether to give another excuse to my Babe Dako to not go exercise with him or I'd rather go.. Hmmm start thinking, thinking again-:) Anyway, I better go exercise that helps me loosing some weight. There are just times like this especially when you're tired you didn't feel like doing anything but just sit and relax! To discipline yourself going out to the gym everyday is hard thing to do. Until now, I still can't follow our rules every night to work out our butt off, to lose weight and stay healthy! I try to keep my promise but, promises have made to be broken lol. I'd rather go! Well, hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend!

New Research Innovation for Women

I really find it very interesting to read about the celle revolutionary research that whatever your age, it is natural to feel as though you may live forever and also to believe that you will likely have plenty of time in the future to preserve your very own C'elle menstrual stem cells. Did you know that we could possibly preserve our very own stem celle that may serve as a basis for our future? In the future research of stem celle therapies maybe found in women's menstrual blood. What is celle by the way? C'elle's exclusive and revolutionary service provides women with the unique opportunity to collect and preserve vital stem cells that can be harvested from the body's menstrual fluid during the menstrual cycle. Until now, menstrual blood has typically been discarded as unsanitary waste. However, exciting new research shows that menstrual fluid contains self-renewing stem cells that can be easily collected, processed and cryo-preserved for potential cellular therapies that may emerge in the future. The C'elle menstrual stem cell comes from the uterine lining (endometrium) that is shed as part of a woman’s menstrual period. Today, you now have the ability to preserve your very own priceless portfolio of stem cells that may serve as the basis for many different customized regenerative therapies that may emerge over time to treat yourself or possibly even a member of your own family for a potential host of life-affecting diseases. Well, let's face the reality! With the difficult economy and the challenges of managing through tough times, the idea of possibly facing a serious illness in the future is not something that readily comes to mind especially when a woman is in the prime of her life. Learn more about the C'elle Client Testimonial for more important information about the new revolutionary research innovation for women.

Marriage Prayer

My heartfelt thanks to Mummy Sheng for sharing this prayer to us. May God bless your marriage! Giving this Marriage Prayer to married bloggers in my list.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do you have a hot tub?

Do you know what I hate about the Hot Tub on our back porch? It has the big gray ugly cover when we are not using it. Of course you don't see it when you are in the tub but when you are just in the back yard cooking on the Grill everyone has to look at that gray ugly cover. Now there is a very affordable solution to that problem with these nifty spa accessories that can solve that problem. Turn your hot tub into a beautiful work of art that can even be the talk of a party. It is a highly durable, waterproof easy to install product that is also very affordable. It was amazing to see the difference it made on my back porch. I was even considering getting rid of the hot tub because it was such an eyesore when it was closed. But with Spa Scenes I can make my spa look beautiful even when I am not enjoying the calming warm jets. If you own a hot tub then you need to check them out today!

Seeking for a Job?

A friend of mine is looking for an admin jobs in our area. I am not sure if she found one but the website I just found is the right place for her to go. If you are a professional and looking for an admin jobs, Administrative Jobs dot com is the right place to go. They offer targeted clerical and admin jobs to professionals. If you are one seeking for admin jobs you have to check them out where you can find the employment of your needs which connect administrative professionals with employers looking for their specific skill set. They offer fresh and relevant admin jobs, along with other valuable career resources and content to help you achieve success in your administrative jobs. Post your resume today and let employers find you. Good luck!

For Kids, not for me!

In my previous post, my friend called me today to go shopping with her. Since she has a kid she asked me to check out some kids stuff in Children's place. She bought so many clothes for her little girl and guess what I did too? hehe I cannot help to grab this cute stuff for my niece since I don't have a kid. When my Babe Dako got home he asked me what are the things I bought. I told him kid's clothes hehe I saw the big smile on his face lol. Not, only that I bought a pair of pant's for him to wear in work.

Room with fantastic View

What is your biggest fear? You know my biggest fear is if I get lost in a forest or something like that forces me into a remote jungle. Then I lose my glasses or even worse I am wearing my contacts which of course after a few days straight wear are worthless. Can you imagine being in the middle of nowhere and you are unable to see beyond your own toes? Hearing the noises all around you but never know what the sounds really are, even if they are but a few feet away. There is a solution to prevent this nightmare. Go to Lasik in San Francisco today to get your eyes fixed. It is painless and over 12 million people have gotten corrective surgery. Even top US Military pilots are have the procedure. If it is good enough for America's best then surely for us ordinary folk it will change our lives and avoid the nightmare in the jungle without glasses.

Do you wanna go with us?

I just got off from the phone with my friend, she called letting me know that there are some sales in the Outlets today. Hmmm... I am thinking I may end up shopping with her this afternoon after I make lunch for my Babe Dako. She says, we just eat our lunch outside and may shop to different stores in Outlets. Sounds good to me because I love to shop hehehe. Thank goodness I have another rest today, that means I do nothing because I finished all the cleaning and laundry yesterday. So, it's time to treat myself again by shopping and eating lol. Hope everybody is having a great Thursday!

Handrails and Brass Rails for your home

Whenever I go shopping in the store, I am always interested to check out some products for our home like curtain rods, kitchen rails, handrails, foot rails and more accessories for the house. I am always aware of what is needed in the house or whatever needs to be replaced because I clean all the time and if I see something needs to be replaced, I let my husband know about it. I just found a website that provides highest quality products for your home. If you need brass rails for your house, they have all you need of brass handrails and other accessories. You really have to consider checking them out for your home products and needs because you will find anything you're looking for your home improvements and replacements. They also offer a variety of components and tubing for architectural railings, kitchen and closet accessories, and other architectural applications. With their products are made of high quality brass or stainless steel, you cannot go wrong if you purchase from them.

What did you do today?

Thank you sis Marlet. Here are the Rules: 1. List 6 things that describe yourself today or yesterday. 2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. 3. Tag other online friends you know. Yesterday: 1. I cleaned and do all our laundry 2. Took a long nap at noon. 3. Nice dinner in the evening. Today: 4. Rest, stay in my comp all the time 5. hmmm let me think, I may go out run some errands later today. 6. Cook some lunch GailAdi/Momeen/Emmyrose/Dennis/Dette/Jirl/Janny/Nanay Belen/Carol/ Something Purple’s cucina / Vanity Kit / Mind Bubbles / Stripe&Yellow / Something Purple / Em’s Detour / Spin180 / Wisdom City / MY Happy Place / IamDzoi / ClikTrik / I Love the Thirties /Ozzy’s Mom /Me,Myself+2/Kidd Designs/FunFierceFabulous / Blogger Happy / Berry Scrappy / Everyday CHI / My Colorful World / Explore Manila / Random Thoughts / When SAHM-one Speaks / Deranged Insanity / Mighty in Spirit/ Straight from the Heart/Avee's Adventures/ Never Ending Stories/ Air Sick/ Essay of Life/ All About Reviews/ Mom Insights/ My Life, My Family/ A Mother's Simple Thoughts/ PINAYSMILE'S JOURNEY/Gamay and Dako Adventures /YOUR BLOG HERE Passing this tag to all who are in the list. Feel free to grab it.

Have fun and warmth with Fire Pits on your backyard

Lately, my husband and I while having a very nice dinner with grilled steak had a short conversation about our fire pits at our back deck. He said, it is too old and need to be replaced. I told him, I really love to have a new fire pits because whenever I feel bored I love to relax at my backyard while enjoying the wonderful smells emanating and simmering on the fire pits. Now, I can even buy my dream fire pits online which is hassle free so I don't need to drive to the store. Fire Pits Park has great selection of fire pits, outdoor fire places, chimineas and patio heaters. If you are looking for outdoor heating products and fire pits like me, check out Fire Pits Park where you can find many styles and sizes for your backyard or deck.

Looking to purchase a bus?

Every time I drive around town I see many buses on the road picking up kids on the street to take them to school. But to my surprised whenever the bus stop, the car coming behind them should also stop which I didn't knew until I learned to drive here in the US. From my own country drivers didn't care when the school bus stop. I just learned here in the US, whenever the school bus stop on the road I must stop too. For me, it's a good rule to follow for the safety of kids who rides on a bus everyday. Speaking of school bus, the Carpenter Bus Sales offer many types of buses including shuttle service companies, schools, day care centers, and senior care centers. If you need transportation, you may consider checking out the Carpenter Bus. They were a number 1 America's church bus dealer and represent a number of different high quality bus manufacturers in order to fit a wide variety of transportation needs. If you are looking to purchase a bus, check out their bus for sale. They were there to help you to become familiar with some of the most important factors to consider when looking to purchase a bus.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stay at Reno Hotels for your next trip

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Monday, August 4, 2008

I love Shopping!

Thank you sis Race for this tag. Nice one! My outlet is shopping when I feel bored in the house. It is one of my hobby lol. My favorite things to buy when I shop are tops, shoes, jeans, purse and jewelry. How about you?
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Get Personal Loan for Quick Cash

With the quickly rising gas prices and tough economy there is often the need for some fast cash to take care of an unforeseen financial problem like a hospital bill or car accident. These are time that you need to get a Personal Loan. On top of all this, if your credit is bad it can be difficult to even find a personal loan. However, I found an excellent site that has easy and quick online forms to fill out and even has personal loans for bad credit. This may be the answer to your needs in time of financial crisis. So check out today and get the relief you need.

Tired but Relaxing!

Today have been crazy day for both of us. We both feel so tired when we got home. Instead of doing our everyday routine exercising, we decided to just go swimming so that we could relax a little bit. I feel really tired, glad my Babe Dako cooked our dinner. He's my substitute if I'm not in the mood cooking lol! Overall, it was great to end up our day with a very relaxing mental attitude. Plus a very good dinner and a very good cook husband hehe..

Heating and Cooling at Lowry Electric

Do you live in Philadelphia? Is your house too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? Then, it is time to check out Heating and Cooling PA. With Lowry Electric you get up front pricing and excellent on time service. If your air conditioner is not working properly you may not need a new system but just a good tune up. Lowry Electric will do all the maintenance including changing filters. They are also environmentally conscious and use friendly Puron refrigerant in all their systems. If you are in need of a new compressor then you need to check out today so you can get started on a brand new system for your home. No more suffering in the hot humid days of summer!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

What's your favorite days of the week?

What's your favorite days of the week? Mine is Thursday hahaha because it's my payday! I love to received paycheck because I love to shop around whenever I get my paycheck. Hmmm sounds like a good plan on Thursday huh! I have been eyeing the shoes I really like in Outlets. When I went there last time they don't have my size so I want to go check again when I get my paycheck if they already have my size. Hard to find my shoe size here in the US. Sometimes I even look at in the kids section when I find my clothes.

Blinds for your house!

My husband and I are planning to move into a new house. We started to think about how we want to decorate the house. It was easy to think about some of the stuff because we will just be moving our furniture from our old house. But we need to purchase some new blinds, shades and curtains because the sizes were different in our new house. We had a lot of questions so we started searching online and we found Blinds. It is a very helpful website that answered all of our questions such as what color to pick and how much they would cost. We even realized that we were not sure what size was needed for our windows. Luckily, we found all the answers at If you are moving or even if you think your old house could use some sprucing up then start with Blinds.

Days passing by quickly

Hard to believe it's now August. Where did July go? My God I am so excited to go home next month to see my family again. It's been almost 3 years since I left home and next month to see them again will be my happiest moment. My sister from Korea will be going home as well and her kids so were able to have a great reunion for sure! I can't wait to see her kids again, seeing them on cam is very different than in real because I get to touch and hug them. I pray my sister will be able to get her ticket soon, so that our plans will be more perfect as we already planned everything to meet up in the airport.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Power of Prayer

We all know that not all bodies at the sunken MV princess has been recovered yet so let us all join in this prayer. Sis Race gave me this tag too. Thank you!

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Prayer for the MV Princess of the stars fatalities and survivors.

Dear God, we pray that you comfort each bereaved family everyday as they grieved for their loss, we pray that you will supply all their needs, we pray for the survivors that they may have a good life after the tragedy, that you will bless them and let them know in the deepest part of their heart that in spite of what have happened, you LOVE and CARE for them. This we pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. I encourage everyone to keep the prayer going. LET’S P.U.S.H. (PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS).

We Prayed: 1. Through The Rain 2. God’s gift 3. The Adventures of Dong and Jing 4. Me, Myself and I 5. malditang bunso’s journal 6. Underneath It All 7. 100% Kelly 8. My Colorful World 9. InkBabyStudios 10. TheSaladCaper 12. MommyTalks 13. All About the Memories 14. Enchanted Play 15. I Am Mommy 16. MY Happy Place 17. IamDzoi 18. ClikTrik 19. I Love the Thirties 20. Explore Manila 21. Because Life Is Fun 22. All Things Me 23. Just What I Always Wanted 24. Simply Jen 25. A Slice of Life 26. This and That 27. Jenny Said So 28. Race Corner 29. A Beautiful Life 30. Moments of My Life 31. My Crossroads 32. Gamay and Dako Adventures 33. YOUR BLOG HERE

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Shop for your Tactical needs at Police Gear!

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Nice Friday!

Its a very nice Friday here today. The weather is humid and I feel like I am in the Philippines. A very lazy mood strike me out today that is why I didn't do anything except for a window shopping this afternoon. My planned was to buy something for myself, but I don't have any specific stuff in mind what to buy, just a thought for myself to just shopped around. However, it ended up I didn't buy anything for myself but for my Babe Dako. I bought 2 Nike T-shirt for him and 2 Van Heusen Polo Shirts. I hope I'm not get in trouble lol because he told me million times not to buy anymore clothes because he has plenty but I cannot help when I shop all in mind is for myself and for my Babe Dako of course! I hope he's not mad at me I bought more clothes hehee he's been telling me I must stop buying clothes for him-:) Oh well, he can't do anything about it I know for sure when he gets home later I just make him laugh by dancing in front of him and he will be laughing like crazy lol.

Call Savings at GetMeCallingCards!

You won't believe the new calling cards website I just found, GetMeCallingCards.COM. When you are like me from another country from the other side of the world the only way to stay in touch with family is talking on the phone. You can chat online and send some text messages but there is no substitute for actually calling and like my Mama she is only wants to talk on the phone not try and type. The problem is usually I have huge, huge phone bills every month. Even though my phone company rates are not so bad they cannot compare to the rates at GetMeCallingCards. Best of all, they are online phone cards so can buy them online and use them almost instantly. So when I call Mama and Papa in the Philippines it will only cost me 5.4 ¢/minute to call from United States to Philippines. Philippines Calling Cards is the cheapest I've ever seen calling from the US. I can talk to all my nieces and nephews at the same time and still save money over my old phone bills. Believe me when I say my nieces and nephews are all talkative so they like to talk and talk to me. Luckily I found GetMeCallingCards so I can listen to them for hours with their online phone cards . They have cards for almost any country. The card is delivered to you almost instantaneously over the internet. They have a 3% cash back discount along with live support makes this a no-brainer. They have many cards to choose from and they are pre-sorted for the country you want to call and the kind of card most suited for you. Their cards have the highest voice quality and the best savings. If you go to GetMeCallingCards right now you can start the savings with instant delivery. If you have a problem then have live support chat to help you figure out and fix any problems you might have with their phone cards, but I believe you don't have any problems because they are so easy to use. Go to GetMeCallingCards today and see how cheap you can call to your loved ones.

Just thinking...

Just a thought of asking this: Did you read Bible? If you do, what is your favorite passage or verse? Here's one of my favorite verse; "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8) I really love this verse because it reveals an aspect of God's essence. His immutability. When we focus on this attribute of God's nature, we understand God is always faithful. He never changes and He never lets us down. When this divine attribute is applied to a problem, we realize He is always faithful to His promises. This leads to a firm conclusion that He never lets us down, a rationale for mental stability and tranquility.