Monday, August 25, 2008

3 Years Memoir

Gesshh, I've been looking at my Calender for long time when I came home today. Seems like there should be something happening on the 25th of August. I keep thinking, it's August 25 today, but I couldn't remember what was on the 25! My Gossshh! When my Babe Dako got home, he greeted me Happy Anniversary I was surprised Waaaaaa! I really forgot that today is the day we met online! It was august 25, 2005 when I worked in Singapore I met my Babe Dako online. I couldn't believe that it's been 3 years has gone and here we are living happily together. I am happy to know that in less than a month my Babe Dako will finally be going home with me. I cannot believe this much time has passed and he has not met my parents. Good for us though the time is almost here. I really miss my family and cannot wait to be home again.

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