Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Any plans on holiday shopping?

Few months away will be Christmas Day. For sure many people will be very busy shopping and looking for some good sales. Well, I really love to shop! What's your favorite day of the year for shopping? Me? I love to shop on Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving because I know I can save more money. I always scour the Black Friday Ads the week before and then I like to go to bed early on Thanksgiving eve. Some of the stores open at midnight around here but I am not so crazy as to go shopping that early. I am always able to find great deals but the crowds are unbelievable and if I get in line to wait in the wrong store then I waste a lot of precious time when I could be finding great sales at another store. Well, I have the solution for this year. Black Friday dot biz is the website that links you directly to the stores that have the best sales. I can get the same great deals online and not have to waste so much time in lines and even worse in stores that don't sale items that I am looking for. They even have my favorite store Sam's Club. Sam's Club has the best deals in the world if you have the storage space but, even more so on www.blackfriday.biz. My Husband and I love to get our items in bulk and we have a storage closet just for stuff we get from there. They also have nice selection electronics from Plasma TVs and phones to Ipod’s. In fact, we went there yesterday bought many stuff in the house. I always leave the store with a huge cart full of stuff but of course they never give you bags to put the stuff which took me sometime to get used to. If you love Sam's Club then you need to check out http://www.blackfriday.biz. They also have a whole lot more merchants you can check out.

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