Sunday, August 10, 2008

Clock in the Hall

Growing up my parents had a Grand Father Clock in the hall it always seemed like a place of honor in our house. I can remember always knowing what the time was from hearing the chimes in the hallway. I would marvel at the pendulum that swung back and forth didn’t stop. I have to say it really mesmerized me. It is such a part of my childhood that it brings back memories when I visit my parents and hear those chimes all different times of the day. Now that I am older I am sure that I want to put one in my house. Grandfather clocks always made any house that I am in feel like home. I would love for my kids to grow up hearing those same comforting tones that I always heard. The chimes in the hall remind me of such good times of my youth. Nowadays, we are in the internet age the time of Grandfather Clocks has not ended. I was even fortunate enough to have found the best place online to search for the perfect Grand Father clock. It is at Of course if you are not as nostalgic as me about such things you can even look for an atomic clock which will never lose time. But for me I like to have a bit of the old fashion with my tech savvy house of the future.

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