Friday, August 1, 2008

Nice Friday!

Its a very nice Friday here today. The weather is humid and I feel like I am in the Philippines. A very lazy mood strike me out today that is why I didn't do anything except for a window shopping this afternoon. My planned was to buy something for myself, but I don't have any specific stuff in mind what to buy, just a thought for myself to just shopped around. However, it ended up I didn't buy anything for myself but for my Babe Dako. I bought 2 Nike T-shirt for him and 2 Van Heusen Polo Shirts. I hope I'm not get in trouble lol because he told me million times not to buy anymore clothes because he has plenty but I cannot help when I shop all in mind is for myself and for my Babe Dako of course! I hope he's not mad at me I bought more clothes hehee he's been telling me I must stop buying clothes for him-:) Oh well, he can't do anything about it I know for sure when he gets home later I just make him laugh by dancing in front of him and he will be laughing like crazy lol.

1 comment:

  1. Oh what a sweet wifey you are sis :-) He will surely love it.



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