Friday, August 29, 2008

Old Stuff Found

Today, I started to think about the things I need to put in my carry on bag and luggage for our trip to the Philippines next month. Yeah it's too early! But, it's just me lol. love to pack and think ahead whenever I make a trip. When I went over all the stuff I brought with me from Singapore more than a year ago, I have found my old ipod and speaker, 7260 cellphone I used in Singapore for few years, keys for my room in the Philippines and my old cameras. My nephew or niece will be very happy with this stuff because they need to be used by someone with tender loving care lol. I already had all this gadgets so it's time to give them away.


  1. Your niece and nephew will really going to be happy with all this freebies sis. Very generous Aunt they got! swerte!

    Ay ganyan ako sis, I pack ahead of time para alam ko if meron pa ako nakalimutan or wala na..

    take care :]

  2. hello sis..magbakasyon d-i ka !happy trip ug ingat!


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