Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sleeping while Babe Dako Cleaning!

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? I just woke up from a very long nap. I was watching an Olympics basketball men USA vs. China, what the heck I fall asleep lol. Good thing it was recorded so I could continue watching later tonight. I was so impressed with the performance of US team. Seems they’re going to take a lot of gold medals back home. Anyway, after I woke up I went to the bathroom I've noticed our bathroom was so clean. That means my very kind and loving Babe Dako cleaned our bathroom while I took a nap. Good wife huh? Well, he does clean our bathroom all the time though because it was his assignment lol. I am so proud of my Babe Dako, he never fails to fulfill his promise hehe.. Thank you my Babe Dako. Love you!

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