Friday, August 15, 2008

What's your favorite Sea Food?

Again, tonight we ate our dinner outside. We went to Pacific Ocean. While we were eating, I was wondering why my Babe Dako was staring at something. I asked him what are you looking for? He then said, "Tambok Itum Babae, Dako Lubot" hahahah I was shocked he was able to say all those word by word lol. When I looked at my back he was right I saw a girl standing in front of the cashier that's what she looked like hehe. Anyway, here's what I had tonight my all time favorite sea food, CRAB. As you can see I had a good time eating, so I spent a long time eating it lol! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. tah dah!!!!
    im here now at your other blog and sure i will put this on my blog roll
    thanks po uli
    have a great blogging day
    ayos lang kahit di mo ilagay yung other blogs ko what important to me is you appreciated my blog
    thank you

  2. wow! Ala sige kain lang hehehe.. I love crabs and shrimps!


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