Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yay! Peso is Going Up Against a Dollar

I am glad to see the peso seemed going up a bit today. I was able to wire money from my US bank to my Phils accounts knowing that the peso is getting stronger again. I think 45P to a dollar is not bad, so I didn't take any chances to wire funds to my accounts in the Philippines. You know, our vacation is not that far I would think, it's the best time to wire my US savings to Phils peso lol. I hate to see my dollar earnings with less peso rates that’s why when I saw on my PNBRCI account today that it is already 45P to a dollar. I never think twice really! I just sent $ 1K to one of my accounts in the Phils. I hope the peso continue to rise in the coming weeks because I am thinking about sending more pesos-:) Btw, most remittance center has their limit amounts you can send in a day or a month.

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