Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Were On Vacation For 2 Weeks, Off To The Airport Soon

Finally, the time to have a vacation in the Philippines has come! We are set to leave today to Baltimore Airport at 10:00 AM. I cannot describe how I am feeling right now. I am very excited. I will be little sad that I missed you all for 2 weeks but as you all know this vacation we have to visit my family back home is what I have been looking forward to for long time. I will missed blogging and to those of you who have constantly visiting my blog, I will return your favors as soon as I get back from the Philippines. On the other hand, My Babe Dako is very excited as well to see my family for the very first time. I can't wait to get to see and be with my family and friends again after almost 3 years of being away from them.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

How To Stop Receiving Unknown Phone Calls

Ahhhhhhhh! I keep getting the same phone call from an unknown phone number. I don't know who they are and I am really tired of them calling me. It is so annoying that makes me want to scream when I see that number on my phone especially when I am doing something else and I drop it to run to the phone to see who is calling me. It is so frustrating to always see that number on my phone and have no idea who it is. Really pissed me off! Well, now I have a solution I just look up the number on Caller It is one of the best data bases of phone numbers on the internet. I just type in the number that called and I can find out who it is and who else they have called. It is nice to have something to fight back against those annoying phone calls that I never asked for!

Nice To Be Around With Friends

I just got home from a friend bridal shower. It was my first time went to a party without having my Babe Dako with me. They invited me and I had been told that it would be for girls only lol. I mean my friends went to the party without their husbands so when I told my Babe Dako about it he decided to just stay home instead. It was so much fun to be around with so many pinays talking and having fun singing and dancing. I didn't seemed to joined the singing and dancing, but with their laughters and jokes. I am happy I was able to meet new friends around my area which I never thought there were a lot of them here in Maryland. Overall, it was a lot of fun, great foods and nice people. Thank you ladies for the nice accommodation. Hope will see each other again sometime.

Marriage Fitness Will Help You Save and Restore Your Marriage

I believe there is no perfect marriage in the world! We are all human and have flaws so it is inevitable that a marriage will run into problems. Sometimes those problems are tough and difficult to solve and sometimes they are just small disagreements which can add up to larger issue in time if not resolved. You know, Babe Dako and I get along pretty well. But sometimes we have our disagreements. Really nothing big but I can see where other marriages might have big problems if they are not able to talk about their problems. I found a great Marital Help website. If your marriage is in tough situations, this site will help to Save Marriage since divorce is really a messy situation and only hurts more than it helps. This website has many solutions that you can find out about. You might not want to go to see a marriage counselor because you don’t really like talking to others about problems inside your marriage. They have a great alternative to counseling with an at home DVD set you can share with your spouse. There are even alternatives to Marriage Retreat with there Tele-Boot Camp which you can do right from home without having to go anywhere.

Planning To Get A New Car?

Before I came to the USA I never had my own car or even a driver’s license. I never thought about a need to ever own a car. But now I am here and everyone in the US has a car and there are a lot of people who have several cars. My babe Dako bought me a car not too long ago but now we are thinking we need to get another one. Imagine that before I never think about having one car and now we want to get two cars or even more in the future. But of course before we can get another car we need to find an Auto Loan. So we found a good site that even has bad credit auto loans. Luckily, we have a very good credit score so we can use a regular loan but for those who have been through tough times it is nice to know that you can still buy that needed car and this site will get you the best loan on the market. This site not only will help you find a good low interest auto loan but they have lots of information that will help you make an informed decision about what the different aspects of the loan involve.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Tuna Fest In Gensan

I remember today is Tuna Fest in Gensan! I really missed so many things about Gensan esp. during the Kalilangan. You'll get to see different competitions or activities participated from different barangays. With the very memorable Tuna parade around the city, my gossh you'll get to see the biggest fish you've never seen before! Hayss.. Just to reminisce the past makes me wanna leave NOW! Happy Tuna Fest to all the people of Gensan!

Need Cash Easy and Pain Free?

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shed Those Extra Pounds Today

I keep working hard to lose weight but as usual I feel like I need a little bit of help to get those unwanted pounds off. I looked up online for a good diet pill website and I found one at Sybervision Reviews. They have reviews for all the leading diet pills with information about all of them. They even show you the best available price on the internet. That way you have one stop shopping for that supplement to help you shed those extra pounds.

Wow! I Couldn't Be More Happier

Wow! my wish will come true when we go back home this month if the dollar rate against peso will be 50P hehe. It's been few months now I am wishing that when we go back to Philippines the dollar must be strong so that my dollar earnings will have more value by the time my Babe Dako and I make a trip to visit my family. It seems that the dollar is looking good right now because everyday as you can see the dollar is getting stronger and the peso is dropping! My gossh I am more excited now than before even 46 pesos to a dollar is more than enough for me to be happier because I get to enjoy my dollar earnings when I am in the Philippines. Although the price of commodities in Phils is soaring high but, it would be worth it if my dollar earning rate is fair.Hmmm.. I really wish the dollar will continue to rise in the coming days-:)

Phone Call Information

Did you ever get a phone call on your caller ID and wondered who it was but they did not leave a message? Or maybe you are getting a harassing phone call from someone? Now you can find out more information on phone numbers by using the Reverse Phone Registry you just plug the number into their website and it will show you all the information available for that number.

Monday, September 1, 2008

For You And For Me

After I woke up from a very long nap today, I went to Outlets and this 2 PUMA bag pack caught my eye. My Babe Dako has been telling me that when we visit Philippines this month, he wants to take a bag pack to put on his toiletry. Although we have few old bag packs in here I think it would be nice if I could buy him a new one-:)

When I stopped by in PUMA today, I saw they had a lot of nice bag pack displayed in the aisle so I decided to buy one for my Babe Dako and of course he have his, mine as well hehe. I like the pink one it has plenty of room in it. However, I warned him that if you take this home, he might not take it back because my nieces or nephews will snatch it from him lol..