Saturday, September 6, 2008

How To Stop Receiving Unknown Phone Calls

Ahhhhhhhh! I keep getting the same phone call from an unknown phone number. I don't know who they are and I am really tired of them calling me. It is so annoying that makes me want to scream when I see that number on my phone especially when I am doing something else and I drop it to run to the phone to see who is calling me. It is so frustrating to always see that number on my phone and have no idea who it is. Really pissed me off! Well, now I have a solution I just look up the number on Caller It is one of the best data bases of phone numbers on the internet. I just type in the number that called and I can find out who it is and who else they have called. It is nice to have something to fight back against those annoying phone calls that I never asked for!


  1. I hate receiving those annoying phone calls sis especially when its late na.
    Ako talaga I will turn of my phone sa sobrang inis.
    Take care sis :]

  2. gheeeh that was alarming recieving anonymous call thank for that solution you've post i wish that you'll be safe take care always huh

  3. Dropping by here sis...
    take care :]


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