Friday, October 31, 2008

Have Your Rolex Today

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Trick Or Treating?

Halloween is a mostly national holiday celebrate on the evening of October 31; today it is often celebrate in the morning and afternoon as well. Halloween activities include trick or treating, ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties, visiting haunted attraction, reading scary stories and watching horror movies. To know more about the history of Halloween; Read More....

Get Help With Your Debt Problems Today

Getting into debt is not something that happens over night. For most people is starts out small and then an emergency happens and the debt grows and pretty soon you are barely able to pay off the minimum payments on your debts let alone pay off the principle. Getting yourself out of that huge hole begins by first controlling the bad spending habits. Some of those bad habits might be eating out for lunch and dinner many times a week or shopping for new clothes more almost everyday.

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Why Won't These Feeling Just Go Away?

When I'm alone at home sometimes I had this feeling being lonely and it sucks! Why won't these feeling just go away? Hays! Sometimes it's all about missing my family back home and I miss somebody to hung out. I often thought being alone and also feeling lonely comes when we have not yet discovered our fulfillment in life BUT I had almost everything I wanted in life. In this realization, each of us has happiness ever available from within ourselves, experienced and attitudes. Happiness must be with us all the time as a state of our own being! Thus, many people are alone and feeling lonely but lead happy lives. Cheers and have a wonderful weekend everyone! I'm feeling alive my Babe Dako just came in-:)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seeing Is Believing Even When Hunting

It is that time of year, Deer season, when all the hunters head out into the woods to hunt their elusive prey. Of course your rifle is the most important piece of gear you take out into the woods with you but there is another important piece of gear a lot of hunters forget. They should always take with them a nice set of binoculars.

It is even more important when you are sitting up in your tree stand. I found a great site that has a bunch of choices but especially Nikon Monarch and Trailblazer Binoculars. Those are the optics I recommend not only for their clear vision but also their durability. So make sure you or the hunter in your life does not go out with out a good pair of Binoculars.

Crescent Rolls For Dessert

Tonight for dessert we decided to have crescent rolls. They were the kind that comes in the long tube and you roll them up and put them in the oven. I could eat a hundred of them. Most people eat them with dinner but for me they are more like a dessert. We just bake them in our little oven so it is quick, within ten minutes they are done. Sometimes we have a problem with them getting burned so we are learning to watch them carefully.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Get Rid Of Your Pesky Extra Pounds

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My Babe Dako At Mt. Matutum-:)

The short times were in Philippines my Babe Dako always woke up early in the morning; he loves to see the sunrise view of the mountain. I didn't seem to find him around the house every morning because he went to look around in DOLE pineapple plantation. Our house is surrounded with pineapple as he got out from the house, you can see him walking around with the kids and he loves to take photos around the place esp. with the amazing view of Mt. Matutum. My Babe Dako liked it there a lot. In fact, he wants to stay there for the rest of his life lol. Not this time, but we had talked about retiring in the Philippines someday. I am not sure who took this snap shot of him, but I believe one of my nieces or nephews who always there with him whenever he walked around the place.

Monday, October 27, 2008

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

2 Years And 3 Wedmonthsary

Today is our wedding monthsary! Sometimes I forget every 25 and 26 of each month is very important dates for us. We went over to my in laws house because were invited to celebrate my sis in law's birthday. We had so much fun with all the nice foods Mum in-law cooked and of course my favorite’s ice cream and cake for dessert. At the end of the day, we went to Target quick to buy a card for sis in-law; if I didn't saw those Anniversary cards there I really forget that today is our wedding monthsary hehe. When I remembered I called my Babe Dako on the other aisle and whispered on his ears "Happy Anniversary" I could tell he was surprised because he also forgot the special day we've got married. Anyway, it was pretty good day! I wish you also have a wonderful weekend. Happy Sunday everyone!

Company Giveaways For Your Business

My husband Babe Dako likes to put his company name on anything and everything you can imagine. He likes to have pens, shirts, key chains and even coffee mugs with the business name on the front. I was lucky and found a great website for promotional products. My Babe Dako can put the company name on thousands of different types of products and give them to all of his customers. Now he just needs to decide what kind of stuff he wants to use because there are so many choices.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cbox Installed

I decided to install my cbox again today in order for you to just simply leave me a message whenever you want to. It's been a while I didn't put my cbox widgets here so today, I am thinking to give it another try. Guys, you are welcome to leave me a note. I will be glad to hear from you again. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Benefit Of Having A Decision Logic In Your Business

My best friend has recently opened a restaurant but she is a little overwhelmed with keeping the books even though her food is awesome. Since my husband Babe Dako has been into a business industry for many years and he knew about the Decision Logic he recommends that she gets some help to find out what the restaurant profit and loss statements actually are since her records are so bad she does not know. If you were in the business like my best friend, restaurant owners or managers you will benefit from this. Decision Logic provides businesses the management of inventory, balancing the budget, payroll management, and multiple levels of reporting. They have stack ranking software that improves the enterprise management solutions that make operations streamlined and cost-effective as well as business performance management systems. Visit their website at for more information about acquiring a Decision Logic System for your business.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Credit Checks Required, Get Money In A Flash

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Two Weeks Was Not Enough

In my previous post, I cried after we ate our dinner. Now, I just finish watching the video my Babe Dako took during our vacation in the Philippines. The more I feel homesick and missed my family so much. Hmmm, I am thinking about going back again. Next time, I will stay longer so that I can spend more time with my family and friends. Two weeks was not enough!

Protect Your Assets Using Security Cameras

Just last week my Babe Dako was telling me that he thinks someone broke into his office. There were some things that seemed to be missing. I was thinking it would be good for him and his business if he got video surveillance cameras for the office that way he could observe things even when he was not there. It would also be useful when he was at work to keep an eye on all his employees to make sure that everything was going well. I know no one likes to be spied on but sometimes it is useful to protect the employees as well as the owner to have everything recorded that goes in and out of the office. So, if you want to own a security cameras and systems, check out IT Planet where you can find a variety of CCTV security cameras for your business or organization.

What Did You Do To Ease Your Boredom?

Today, we had a wonderful dinner with my in laws next door. I am not supposed to eat dinner with them because I do all my laundry and feel a little cranky. Gessh, after we ate I went over in our house and I was falling asleep. When I woke up my Babe Dako came in I told him I want to eat again. Ok, we ate our left over because Mum in-law wants me to bring it here, after we ate; I whispered to my Babe Dako "I FEEL BORED" in a sudden my tears falling down! I cried! Now, I feel better he gave me some ice cream for dessert, and I am here again to write anything just to ease my boredom.

Think Ahead, Plan It Right And Use Travel Insurance

Having just gotten back from our trip to the Philippines, we know we were lucky that all of our flights were either on time or early. There are a lot of times especially when traveling so far that you can have major problems with your trip. Everything from the weather to personal emergency can put at risk all the money you have paid out even before you start your vacation. I think next time we take a trip we will look in to travel insurance to make sure if our trip goes wrong at least we will not lose all our money.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Do You Know Someone Who Needs Help?

Do you know a friend that has a drug or alcohol problem? Of course they will deny it but sometimes it takes the help of other to get them clean and living a sober life. A good drug rehabilitation clinic is not the total solution but it is one tool that has proven most effective. If you have a friend in trouble getting them to drug-rehab may just save their life. Trying to reason with an addict is not always helpful to them so it helps to get the professionals involved before you try and convince the person that they need help. Check out these websites to find a professional rehab clinic, they will give you the tools and advice to save that friend or family member everyone has given up for lost. You'll never know if today may be the day they are willing to listen and get the help they need.

Bihon For My Babe Dako

When I was in Philippines a month ago I didn't get a chance to eat much bihon. So, I decided to make bihon this weekend. Most Filipinos know that Bihon is very popular in the Philippines. They usually make this with lumpia, but I am too lazy to make lumpia this time coz it takes much time though. Just a lot of work to do! It is very simple to make this, if you have rice noodles and vegies, you can make this for your love ones in just few minutes. You know, I love to surprise and pleased my Babe Dako. So, after very long week of work, he could just sit and relax in the couch while eating bihon plus this is one of his favorite.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Overwelming Amount Of Debt To A Debt Free Future

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Haagen-Dazs For Dessert

Well, I am not pregnant but I have cravings ice cream every single day. I always have 2-3 gallons of ice cream in my freezer. I love Vanilla ice cream but today, I have different taste lol. I really want to eat Haagen-Dazs because I remember when I worked overseas I used to eat Haagen-Dazs strawberry. I am particularly fond of Haagen-Dazs strawberry before, when I relocated here in the US I seemed to forget about it. I don't know when it comes to ice cream I have trouble saying no! Anyway, I am very happy I have eaten Haagen- Dazs strawberry for my dessert tonight. Thanks to my Babe Dako, he stopped by in the store after work just to pick up Haagen- Dazs for me. Love you my dear Babe dako!

Looking For An Office Space?

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Blessed Day!

Another week is about to an end. I wish everybody have wonderful weekend tomorrow. I just woke up from a very long night sleep-:) Glad I feel much better today compared the last few days. I just need more rest in order to regain my body and mind weaknesses lol! I probably going out today to run some errands. Ok folks, enjoy your day! Not much happening here right now.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Want To Stay Cool?

During summer here in the US, I have in trouble coping up with the very warm temperature in our house especially when I'm driving my car. I had having a problem when its summer if my AC is not ON. I have been complaining how hot it is when summertime in the US. . Even when driving my car I am full of sweat if I'm not going to turn on my AC. I cannot imagine living here when its summer without my AC. Well, here's the good news for you I found a website that you need in the summer heat. Discountacparts is the best place to find for all your auto ac needs. Whether you are looking for air conditioning compressor, AC Compressor, and auto A/C compressor or other auto ac parts, you can find everything you need from them. With their highest quality AC compressor, you cannot go wrong when you order from them. You cannot find any site that Discountacparts has that gives you the best service, warranty on all orders, free shipping and with the best phone and online support service. You must visit today if you're looking for all your auto ac needs.

Peso Left Over-:)

I went over through my Babe Dako's stuff after we arrived here from our vacation in the Philippines. I had found 10,000P in his small wallet where he kept his passport and tickets. I never thought he still have some pesos though in fact, I was surprised when I found out he still have that much pesos left lol. When he got home from work, I showed him what I found he was like What?? I still have some pesos left? That means he forgot where he kept his money hahaha. I send text to Papa told him about it he said, I have to send it to them. I am not sure how though. Any idea?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do You Have Passion To Read?

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Want To Lose Extra Pounds?

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Happy Birthday To You

Today is my former boss birthday. I have been thinking about him lately because he keeps forwarding some emails. Since I have been scheduled important dates in my phone, I remember his birthday today because my phone alarmed letting me know someone is having a birthday today. I thought my friend call me but when I check my phone it was my former Boss birthday! I was like oh my!!!! I forgot today is his birthday! You know, I am not getting any younger lol I always forget my family and friends birthdays. I know, he has been reading my blogs. Sir al, Babe Dako and I wish you a very Happy Birthday! We wish you good health and many more birthday's to come. Thanks for everything! Happy Birthday to you Sir Al!

Looking For Western Wear Boots?

Lately, I went shopping because was looking for some boots to wear going out on winter. I went all over the shopping mall and to every shoe store but did not find a pair I liked. After I got home I did some searching online for some nice boots and I found some excellent pairs at Durango boots . They have an excellent selection there of western wear, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and western accessories for men, women, and children. You can shop by brand or type. They even offer great deals on popular brands like Wrangler, Stetson, Ariat and more. If you need some boots you had better check them out!

Nice Wednesday Here

Hi everyone, how are you doing today? Me here, cooking for our lunch! While waiting for my Babe Dako I have been looking all the pictures we took from our vacation. I plan to post the link of our photo collections from the Philippines but my Babe Dako currently still trying to edit these pictures to add titles and descriptions but that will likely never be finished. Two weeks was not enough for sure! I tell you, he took thousands of pictures during our vacation. I myself is so tired trying to upload them to my websites. Will definitely post some soon.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Order Online Trophies For Your Team

It is time to think about the end of football season for your kids. I know every team needs to have football trophies to give to all the players. My husband still has his trophies after all these years and when he looks at them they bring back fond memories of when he played as a kid. If you are looking for a good trophy to give to the kids on their team then go to Quicktrophy dot com today and get them on order.

Hop Around Getting Tired?

Yes! lately, I have been feeling so lazy to blog hop. I don't know how do I return with all the favors to those of you who have constantly visiting my blog. I do appreciate your visit and time, I really do! I hope you guys may understand! I just love to update my blogs however, I feel so lazy to hop around! Geesh.. Soon, I will return all your favors promise!

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Apple Butter Festival in WV

To completely get rid of my sadness and loneliness, my Babe took me to Berkeley Spring WV today to watch the apple butter festival. I tell you, it was soooo much fun walking around with so much foods, crowd people, sales etc. I never imagine those people who were there. If you notice everybody is eating lol including myself. I am always surprised with all the foods here in the US that I couldn't buy small piece of food but everything is so big and too much! I was able to see how they make the apple butter; in fact my Babe Dako bought some to take home.

Anyway, I was excited when I saw the lechon ( see at my back) it looked so yummy that is why I ended up buying a pork sandwich. Overall, it is a good weekend with nice sunny weather out!

Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

When I was single I never thought I know how to cook not until one day I went to work overseas I learned how to cook. Now that I am married cooking is one of my passions. I cook almost everyday and I really love to cook and try new recipes. This weekend I would love to try sweet potato pie to bake in my oven. Glad I found My Recipes, it will help me cook or bake more yummy foods! Click the link above for more recipes. Enjoy cooking!

Party Tonight in WV

Its midnight, we just got home from the party of Fil-Am Association in West Virginia. I feel revived after few days of being so sad and lonely. I was able to meet few friends from the area and here in Hagerstown. It was so much fun with dancing, dinner buffet, etc.. Although we came there late but we still had fun chatting with friends. I never dance at all my Babe Dako either, so we just watched and had fun eating. We broke our diet tonight for sure but will go back to diet again tomorrow-:)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Apply For Your Personal Loan Online!

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I Missed Home So Much

I missed home so much! Last night when we're headed to bed I just cried without any reason. I told my Babe Dako that I missed home so much! We both slept late because we talked about our plans for next year that we're going back to visit my family again. Spent my 2 weeks with my family and friends is not enough. I wish I could stay longer but we need to come back here in the US. I feel relieved when my Babe Dako said, were going to visit again and he missed my family too.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

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I Don't Know, Who Knows!

It's been few days I feel bored and sleepy all the time. I don't know! I feel so clumsy and didn't feel like eating too. I lose weight and I don't feel like doing something in the house. Is this homesick? Who knows! Life emotionally has been so hard sometimes! I hope I get back on track soon.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

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Hard To Say GoodBye

It's 12 Midnight I am still awake. I have hard time sleeping at night because I still feel like I am in the Philippines. I have been sleeping at day time here and stay awake at night! I feel sad sometimes when I think about my family, missed them so much! My thoughts are always with them and all the memories we had all together. I wish I could go back home again next year. I am in tears! My heart is still in pain, longing for a fine recovery soon.

Friday, October 3, 2008

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Vacation Is Over

We just got home from our 2 weeks vacation in the Philippines. It seemed the days went so fast as were not able to visit all my relatives and friends. However, the short time being with my family and friends became memorable! My Babe Dako and I enjoyed our vacation a lot. He was able to experience the things he never experience before. The sad part, when it was time for us to say goodbye. Tears have never come to an end until I came here! It's hard to leave my family behind it breaks my heart! For now, were still adjusting and hopefully we will go back to our normal routine when we both feeling better.