Sunday, October 12, 2008

Apple Butter Festival in WV

To completely get rid of my sadness and loneliness, my Babe took me to Berkeley Spring WV today to watch the apple butter festival. I tell you, it was soooo much fun walking around with so much foods, crowd people, sales etc. I never imagine those people who were there. If you notice everybody is eating lol including myself. I am always surprised with all the foods here in the US that I couldn't buy small piece of food but everything is so big and too much! I was able to see how they make the apple butter; in fact my Babe Dako bought some to take home.

Anyway, I was excited when I saw the lechon ( see at my back) it looked so yummy that is why I ended up buying a pork sandwich. Overall, it is a good weekend with nice sunny weather out!

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