Thursday, October 16, 2008

Peso Left Over-:)

I went over through my Babe Dako's stuff after we arrived here from our vacation in the Philippines. I had found 10,000P in his small wallet where he kept his passport and tickets. I never thought he still have some pesos though in fact, I was surprised when I found out he still have that much pesos left lol. When he got home from work, I showed him what I found he was like What?? I still have some pesos left? That means he forgot where he kept his money hahaha. I send text to Papa told him about it he said, I have to send it to them. I am not sure how though. Any idea?

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  1. Hi Dezz....

    You're back! I have not been blogging, especially the hopping part, lately kasi nag bibisi bisihan ako...hahaha. Seriously, I've been quite busy lately. I've been here a couple of times so I knew you went back sa atin na.

    Great to have you back. Pictures naman dyan.

    Btw, nung dumating ako here in 2001 I also had something like 10,000 pesos. I'm not sure why anymore but we went to the bank here and exchanged the pesos to dollars. I think I got about $200 din....

    No idea how you can send it back sa atin unless someone goes home na malapit sa inyo and hand carry it back home....

    Take care...

    Mommy Wahm


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