Friday, November 28, 2008

Did You Shop Today?

Its Black Friday! Did you shop today? Well, I do! Friend and I went shopping today so early in the morning. I tell you, it was my first time black Friday shopping with a friend since I arrived here. My goodness! I can't breathed there were so many people shopped for huge discounts and great deals. Most Malls around town were packed especially the Outlets in Hagerstown. T'was my first time I've seen so many people went out and the parking lot were completely full. The traffic were bad and the car behind me almost hit my car, My God! I was scared to death but I still keep going! It was an awesome experience, scary and tiring! Best of all, I am so happy I got so many good deals and I even shop for some stuff for the house and some winter jackets. Over all, it was so much fun despite being so tired walking around and lots of people!

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