Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eyeglasses On A Budget

You know in these tight economic times it is very important to save a penny where ever possible. These days the price of everything is going up including health care. One small part of our health care cost has been our eyes. Our medical insurance does not even include eye care so all of that comes straight out of our pockets. That means, we must be very selective in where we go and what glasses we buy. My husband Babe Dako is very rough on his eyeglasses and he has a bad habit of dropping his glasses and sometimes they get destroyed.

One time he even fell asleep with his glasses on and when he woke in the morning he had rolled over on his eyeglasses. So you can imagine that we can really go through a lot of them. For us, it is very important that we find an inexpensive source of eye wear. Zenni Optical website is the first and the last place we go to get our glasses. You can get a pair for as little as $8. I am sure you wonder how they keep their prices so low. They do it by having low overhead! They keep their overhead low because they sell on the internet directly from their own manufactured glasses and frames and do not have an advertising budget. They pass this savings on to you and me. I recommend you check out their website, you might just find a pair of glasses that look good on you and still fit your budget.

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