Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nieces And Nephews Love Uncle Dako

I just love the fact that my nieces and nephews love my Babe Dako so much! They are all so sweet with him. During our vacation in the Philippines couple months ago, I reminisced the day we've all been together as a family. They're so much fun! Meeting my Babe Dako for the first time was a bit of anxious and of course a huge excitement for them. I couldn't explain how happy and excited I am when I saw my nieces and nephews spent time playing, hanging around and had so much fun with my Babe Dako although they only meet him first time!


  1. Thank you for the visit sis..Nice photos with kids

  2. looks like you had a lot of fun on your vacation. I saw your wedding photos on and oh I had fun watching all the photos. You look good together.. you're so cute ni tongtong sa bangko intawn oi hehhe..


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