Monday, November 3, 2008

Touched My Heart

I didn't miss any episode of "Maalaala Mo Kaya" every week. Even I'm in the States already I still watch my favorite shows back home through TFC. I had it since I got here that sometimes help ease my boredom when I'm alone and lonely. I just watch another episode of MMK today, The greatness of a mother's love speaks for itself; it gives everything undeterred! At a very young age she was wed against her will. I tell you, the most touching story I've ever seen. I cannot help but had tears while watching the real life story of a mother whom she wishes is to give her children's a great love and good future. I think the most important job or thing in the family is being a mother.

Mother plays the most important role in the world that's for sure! If you're still single now, did you ever wish to become a mother one day? Well, I do! If you want to watch this very touching life story in you tube, you can find it here..

Another very heartbreaking story click here.


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