Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yehey, Added To My Collections

I really love to received teddy bears, different kinds of stuff toys or bear animals on Christmas. I have been collecting those for many years now. However, all those stuff will be send to Philippines because all my collections were displayed there. I don't know but, I have hundreds of them already. Different stuff animals and teddy bears were my favorite collections. On Christmas day, my Babe Dako gave me this piglet as one of his gifts hehe looks funny but I liked it because this will goes to my collection in the Philippines. I'm happy because I never had piglet in my collections yet. On my birthday another gifts my Babe Dako gave me were this small tiger and seal. He knows I don't have these animals in my collections yet so I was so happy he gave me all this stuff. I am fond of stuff animals but not the real animals lol. Weird huh!, Well, I just love to collect this kind of stuff and send them home to add in my collections.

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