Monday, January 19, 2009

Found New Full Time Job, Yipeeee...And Now Working!

Ok, right after the New Year, I started to think about having a new beginning and new life lol. I came out with so many realizations that I need to move on my life and find a full time job. As being stubborn myself, I really want things happen quickly. I then make a resume and search for an online local jobs in my neighboring places. Luckily, I found online ads a huge company near our place is looking for a data entry and processor. I never hesitate to send out my resume. When they got my resume they called I need to fill up an application form from their company itself. I went there and filled up the forms the next day, I was schedule for an interview. Wow! I was speechless. I thought this is it. It's real lol. I went back the next day for my interview. It went well! I was told to do my background check and they just call me after few days. Yesterday, I got a call from the company, I don’t know how I felt because I wasn't sure if they're going to hire me or not. However, I was preparing for a possible disappointment if ever they will not hire me. As I talked to a certain receptionist in the company she was telling me that I need to report there tomorrow for an orientation and possible start working right after. My God! My heart was pounding! I was so happy and very excited because I got hired for the first full time job, first job I applied for since I got here on Dec 2006. My Babe Dako cannot believe I got hired that quick where in fact the economy is in recession. I think its God's will, not mine! You know, I've realized so many things after the New Year that makes me have perseverance and confident to find a job that suit my ability and interests. I am very thankful God answered my prayers, and to my Babe Dako who is very supportive all the way. It's a great blessings and opportunity to have a job like this which I'll never dream will happens so soon. Definitely, I'll start working tomorrow! Weew!!!! I may not around here very often when I start working. I will miss you all! Of course I'll try my best to update my blog whenever I have free time.

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