Monday, January 25, 2010

Nitey Nitey Everyone

I've been here in front of my computer since I got home from work. I think my brain is drain right now because I don't know what to write here. Well, I just have to write the flow of my thoughts hahaa. Anyway, it's been few weeks now I had hard time in work. We were so busy and I felt so pressure dealing with problems in work. Sometimes, I'm thinking I need a break and just take a good vacation. However, with the weather right now I don't think if I can take a vacation somewhere. I just have to wait when the summer come and enjoy the nice weather. Maybe making a trip somewhere or go to the beach will be nice. I do miss the sun a lot! Opsssssssss.. I'm yawning! it's time off to bed. Wishing you all have a wonderful week ahead.. till my next post! -~Good night-~

Trying To Lose Some Weight?

Have you failed at losing weight? I have seen my husband try again and again to lose weight. No matter what is the plan in the end he gains back everything he lost. I found a great site that has nothing but diets that work. I know that he will be excited to read this site because he is searching for an answer to his weight loss or lack of weight loss problem. No more of those worthless diets to try and fail just the ones that work.

Superbowl In Two Weeks

Did you love to watch football? Well, in two weeks time will be the Superbowl. I'm not a big fan of football when I first got here. Thanks to the husband he's a big influence on me to watch his favorite football team. Since then, I cannot miss the weekend without watching football with him. Unfortunately, the Steelers was out in the game. Can't wait to watch who will win the Superbowl.

A little help losing those holiday pounds

Now that it is a month after new year and we still did not follow our resolutions I think it is time for a little bit of help. One of the biggest helpers are weight loss pills. If you are struggling to take off those holiday pounds that little bit of boast from a pill might just be the trick to get the ball rolling. None of us has the hours to exercise or the self control to keep from eating those tempting foods sitting in front of us but with a little bit of help we can get the job done.

Temper Keeping Your Cool When Kids Push Your Buttons

Kids grow up watching you for a living, and let’s face it, they learn pretty quickly how to push your buttons. It might be back talk, or constant complaining or eye-rolling, but whatever the behavior, nearly every parent will occasionally lose their temper with their kids. Many parents control their emotions most of the time. However, many don’t manage their emotions well, either occasionally or chronically. This article is for parents who struggle with keeping their emotions in check. Read Full Article Here

Thinking About Using Pills To Lose That Fat?

The husband seems gained some fat last month. Now he needs some fat loss pills because it is almost a month later and he still has that fat around his waist. I see him exercise only a little bit and eat a whole lot. So I decided to order him some pills. I hope that he does not get mad at me for telling him that he is fat but sometimes the truth hurts. I know with these pills he will lose that fat.

Do You Dislike Your Child or Do You Dislike His Behavior?

You’d do anything for your child, but you feel guilty about admitting the truth, even to yourself—sometimes you don’t like him very much. It’s a secret that many parents of acting-out kids share, but rarely confess to anyone. James Lehman explains how dealing with a difficult child can take its toll on the parent-child relationship, and he gives you some practical advice on how to handle it. Read Full Article

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Looking For A Good Education Online?

In this tough economy I am always thinking about how to get a better job. I know one sure fire way have a better chance at a better job is through education. It is hard to find the time to get my education during the day while I am working so I have been doing some research for online universities. I think the best way to get a good education these days is with an online degree. There are so many different types of degrees you can get. Even better is the time savings from an online degree. Not only can you learn and get good education when it is convenient for you day or night but you save all the time you need to commute to school and back. If you are thinking about becoming a teacher, going into business or even the health profession you can find online the fully accredited and has a huge variety of online degree you can take.

Crab Legs And Bistek For Dinner

I've been craving for Bistek today so I decided to make some for our dinner. The husband and I was talking about being good this weekend, no dining out just stay home, relax, and run in the tread mill. He ran after he woke up this morning unfortunately, I did stay up late. When I woke up, I jump in my comp and started to search some recipes online. I came up with the Bistek and the husband was so happy with our dinner. I still have some crab legs on my fridge so I grab and pair with the Bistek that makes a very good meal. We ate this with a bowl of rice and so yum yum..-:)

Help Your Joints With Supplements

I have a friend who has arthritis in his knee. He is trying to get back into shape and is running everyday. He is taking one of the best joint supplements to make sure his knee does not give him too much pain. It is working for him though. When he first started running he had a little bit of pain but mostly he kept it moving and now his knee is doing well. The supplements really help keep things in good working order also.

Husband Cleaning Mood

Heh, while I'm sitting here the husband cleans our bathroom. I am happy he cleaned up some today because I wasn't feeling well. I think he is in good mood cleaning up though, you know why? When he finished, he can sit in the couch for many hours watching football haha that makes him motivated to clean huh! Anyway, just glad he's on cleaning mood and he even went to the store bought some groceries. I guess, he should get a reward afterward hahaha..

Do You Love To Spend Time On Your Off Day?

I am tired of the cold for the winter. I need to get a break and head south where it is warm. One of the new great hot spots is the Riviera Maya resorts down in Mexico. It is really not that expensive to stay there and the flight is not so long either. I am thinking about just going ahead and using my vacation leave in work for a nice little trip to visit some warm weather once again. That would get me through the rest of the winter for sure!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Off Day

Well, it's my day off that means I am happy girl lol. It is nice to just feel relax at home and shop around a little bit. However, its almost end of the day I feel bored and I can't wait to go back to work tomorrow hahaha. You know, when you get use to working everyday and in just a day or so you stay home by yourself do nothing but eating gessshh I go nuts. Anyway, wishing everybody have a wonderful holiday!

Help Tighten Your Skin And Give You Younger Looking

Let's face the fact that women love to buy different kinds of cosmetics. I myself is one of them. Its either be different creams for my skin, wrinkles, lotions, make ups etc.There are times I am searching online for wrinkle cream that help my skin look younger and achieve the best appearance of my skin. First thing, whenever I look for the best products for my skin like the wrinkle cream, I look for the wrinkle cream reviews in order to get some information from others about a certain products. It is always the best idea to read other reviews before choosing the products that will help you understand if the product suits you.

Golden Globes Award, Have You Seen?

Last night, the husband and I watched the Golden Globes Award. He smiled the whole time because the host seemed so funny. Yes, I could tell lots of celebrities wearing stunning gowns but my gossh, lots of them wearing the worst gown I've ever seen hhahaha. Check this out to see those top 10 worst dressed-:)

Experience The Excellent Of Home Theater

When I went to a friend house I've notice she had a home theater. She said it was working pretty good and she loved to watch her Filipino movies using the good quality voice of her home theater. I told the husband about it and were debating to buy one. We had the HDTV but will be nicer if we could afford to buy a home theater. Will see!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Strong quake Hit Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) – A major earthquake hit impoverished Haiti on Tuesday, toppling buildings in the capital Port-au-Prince, burying residents in rubble and causing many deaths and injuries, witnesses in the city said.

The magnitude 7.0 quake, whose epicenter was inland and only 10 miles from Port-au-Prince, sent panic-stricken people screaming into the streets as a cloud of dust and smoke from falling buildings rose into the sky. Source

Get A Free Quote Today

I had a friend in work always talk about her health that she needs to have an insurance. I never think that she might find one online. Now, I started to think about myself getting an insurance to make sure my family is taken care of no matter what. I started doing some research on insurance quotes and found this great website. You can get a bunch of quotes with a few clicks of the mouse.

Why They Do It and How to Stop Them

Why do some kids turn to bullying? The answer is simple: it solves their social problems. After all, it’s easier to bully somebody than to work things out, manage your emotions, and learn to solve problems. Bullying is the easy way out, and sadly, some kids take it. Look at men who beat or intimidate their wives and scream at their kids. They’ve never learned to be effective spouses or parents. Instead, they’re really bullies. And the other people in those families live in fear—fear that they’re going to be yelled at, called names, or hit. Nothing has to be worked out, because the bully always gets his way. The chain of command has been established by force, and the whole mindset becomes, “If you'd only do what I say, there’d be peace around here.” So the bully’s attitude is, “Give me my way or face my aggression.” Aggression can either take the forms of violence or emotional abuse. Sadly, many families operate this way. I’m not just talking about the adults in the family, either—there are many, many kids who throw tantrums for the same reason: they’re saying, “Give me my way or face my behavior.” And if you as a parent don’t start dealing with those tantrums early, your child may develop larger behavior problems as they grow older.Read Full Article

Did You Think About Your Future?

I know I have talked about life insurance in the past but I cannot say enough about how important it is to make sure you have life insurance to cover your family in case the worst should happen to you. You can find some really great life insurance quote online. You can make sure your family is covered and still not lose your shirt over the payments. It would be nice to make sure your kids have money for college or your spouse can pay off the rest of the house if you are not around. Get some coverage today!