Sunday, June 27, 2010

Its Been A While

Wow! Its been a while I never post any entries in my blogs. I think my schedule everyday is getting crazy with all the small things I need to accomplished after work. Hard to manage time especially when you're working full time. As much as I really wanted to update my blogs every single day to write what's going on in my day, I can't just manage to spend a little time visiting my blogs.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Its been 4 years

I really missed my blogs. Due to my busy schedule in work I tend to forget visiting my blog every single which I used to. Well, I just a great news for today. Its our 4 yr wedding anniversary! Its hard to believe how time flies so quickly. 4 years had passed by seemed like just a year ago when I got married. I wish and pray we still have more anniversaries to come. To my Babe D. thanks for always being there for and and the love we have for each other will remain forever. Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Point of Sale printers

My husband's business likes to use point of sale printers like the epson tm-t88iv. His business is doing very well even though the economy is not doing so well. His business even seems to be growing while all the other around are getting smaller. So we feel very lucky to have the business and God has blessed us with a rich reward. He works very hard and has really earned every penny for it.

Can't wait

Just thinking about its Friday tomorrow. I cannot wait on weekend because we are going to Atlantic City with my co-workers. I just want to have fun with friends playing the slot machine that's all! Hope its going to be a good weekend!

How much do you weigh?

Do you know how much you weigh? One important things to do when you are trying to lose weight is a good pair of scales to find out how you are doing losing the weight. Some people like to weigh in every day and some like to do it just once a week. Daily can be tricky because your weight will go up and down from day to day but you need to know if you are on track or if you need to change something in your diet. So get on the scale and find out how you are doing with your weight loss goals.

Its Normal Day At Work

I am always glad to come home early from work because I have more time to spend with the husband. Its been several months I came home late from work but this summer seemed to slow down which I really like. As much as I really love my job, I do love to spend more time with my husband as well. Its hard to come home late all the time just to eat dinner and bed time. Now, its summer! I'm happy because I started to come home a little bit early and I work with 8 hrs a day compared the last few months it was 10 hrs every single day. I hope works gonna be like this forever so that I could come home early heh.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just A Little Sneeze

Now is the sneezing season for my husband. I was surprised at how much he can sneeze just from the stuff floating in the air. I know if I sneezed that much my brains would come out of my nose. That is why the husband really needs to get some allergy relief. Otherwise, he would sneeze all day and all night. He can really use up a box of tissues in just one day. With a little allergy relief his life is so much better and his nose is not running of his face every day of summer.

Missing It

I missed few days watching TV Patrol, my favorite Filipino TV news. I don't have any idea about the result of the election anymore. I'm just eager to know when they are going to take oath that's all. Well, I might have time tomorrow to watch my Filipino channel if I get home early from work. I cross my finger, hope I get out early!

Morning blindness

Eye cream, you cream, we all cream for puffy eyes. I hate when I wake up in the morning and my eyes are so swollen. I think it is from the allergies but I really need to learn more so I can find out how to make it stop. It takes a while for the swelling to go away that I can't even see to get dressed. Usually, by the time I get done my shower things are much better but still it is disconcerting that I wake up unable to see.

Getting Closer

I've been so excited about the dollar rates going up lately. I was able to send more lately for my niece and nephews enrollment. Almost everyday I check the dollar rates online, lucky today its almost 47 Pesos to a dollar which is pretty good rate for me compared last month it sunk to 43 which is very frustrated. I wish the dollar still strong for the next few months so that I can enjoy spending my hard earned dollar when I am back home-:)

Tell me what works for you

Do you know any weight loss pills that work? If you do could you leave some comments for me below? I would love to know what pills you think are effective to not only get those extra pounds off but to keep them off. This is a good place to share some ideas so that other may know what helped you. I guess, if you have tried something and it did not work you might want to mention that also. Thanks for the help and I await your responses.

Just A thought

Being married for 4 years and no kids sometimes lonely. There are times I am longing to have kid but I know its not the right time yet because I still have lots of plans in mind I want to accomplish. For now, I am happy helping others, especially my favorite niece and nephews support them in school and so on.. Just time will tell when we are going to have one. We just pray for the right time. God gave everything we ever wanted in life so I am patiently waiting for it. I'm just enjoying life right now with my loving and very supportive husband.

Which Is Best For You?

I know the best weight loss pills. But I am not telling. I like to keep my secrets. If I tell you all my secrets then you might look as skinny as me and then I will look fat. So I want to make sure everyone else is fat so that I can look skinny without as much work to get there. If everyone in the world were fat then I would be happy because I would be the only one who is skinny, joking aside! If you want to know what is the best weight loss pills for you, you might want to click the link above and enjoy losing weight.

Not So Busy Day

I'm glad I am home early from work compared to my normal time. I thought its going to be a disaster today because of the holiday yesterday but I'm happy were not so busy although couple of my co-workers called off. Since I'm home early, I have time to cook for the husband. He wants me to cook some caldereta so I did! He liked it a lot and so my cooking of course-:) Now, just playing around here and thinking about writing some entries in my blogs. hope everybody is having a great week ahead.