Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sexy Clothes

Do you think that wearing corsets are sexy? I am not sure if I like to wear those. I am a little bit short so a corset does not do much good for me. I think only for a taller woman is good for the corset. I think I am just better if I stick to high heels. I really only like to wear Lingerie. Though, I do not wear it very often. I am just a little bit shy to wear anything like that even if it is just my husband and me. I think I will always be a little bit shy. I am blushing just writing about this.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just Relaxing

Well, its been a nice weekend here! I really love to relax on weekend with the husband because we get to chat and spend time together. On weekdays, we don't even have time to talk and spend more time each other just the weekends that is why I am happy when weekend comes. Glad were able to spend time again this weekend that makes it so wonderful! Hope everybody is having a great weekend!

Time to Play

I know my husband could play video games all day.If I will get him an xbox 360 I know I would never see him in a day. He could play for hours and hours and never stop. He is easily addicted to anything so much more for a good video game. I may get him one though for his birthday. That would be a nice surprise for sure! I am always trying to find ways to surprise him because he does not like to be surprised very much but I like to do it anyway.