Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Fashion World

I think every women love to shop and I am one of them. I can shop all day and night and bought different kinds of stuff. One of my favorites to shop is shoes. I have so many sandals that I can wear a different style everyday. So whenever I go to the store, I always look straight to womens sandals department. I cannot get enough of so many shoes that I have already because I always want to wear new. I just love to dress up to work everyday with matching nice sandals. I really like fashion so as shopping with different kinds of clothing including sandals that fits my style.

Ready to Bed

I'm about ready to passed out. I never thought staying all day at home could be tiring. I think, we have a very relaxing weekend but I feel tired just sitting all day. Next time, we need to move around to make the blood flow. Now, its time to head to bed before I post another entry. My mind is working tonight so, I think will be nice to just write anything I want to say lol. Have a great evening everyone.

What My Husband Likes

My husband is not picky at all when it comes to wearing clothes. He can wear anything I ask him to wear. Believe it or not I'm the one picking clothes for him. So, whenever I go to the mall I always think about him buying some clothes for everyday wear to work or a shirt that he could wear when we go out to dinner. As soon as I step on the store door, I went straight to men's polo shirts section because I know he really likes wearing polo shirts. Just like today I went to the store and found socks and pants that might go with his polo shirts that I bought a week ago. So, I just love and enjoy shopping for my big and tall husband.

Relaxing Weekend

Glad we had a relaxing weekend with the husband. Its been few weekends were not able to relax because the husband has to go to work on Saturdays but, this weekend he stayed home. I'm happy were able to spend time together because I miss those times just sitting on the couch and relax all day and night lol.. Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend as well.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Naturally lose it

Did you know that tonalin cla is a nature weight loss supplement? I can tell it a hundred times that I always need to find help getting rid of some extra weight. I can work and work and still those extra pounds never go away. With this little bit of natural help I might just get over the hump and this time I will keep it off. It would be smart if I could just eat right but we know it is easier said than done.

X-mas Is Around the Corner-:)

Well, its hard to believe it is September already that means Christmas is around the corner. Now, I started to think about shopping for Christmas presents to send home with my family and friends. Although I find it difficult to send my boxes home but I'm still trying to send more stuff this time to make everybody happy.

Dealing with Anger in Children and Teens

It’s hard to get most adolescents to comply, but when you’re dealing with a hostile teen, it can be almost impossible. In part two of this series on anger and hostility in kids, James Lehman discusses concrete ways for you to break through your child’s force field of anger and defuse his hostility. Don’t give up yet—it really is possible to bring peace to your home. Read more article...

Eat good food

Even if you eat good food you might not get everything you need so it is always a good idea to take multivitamin supplements. Supplements are no substitute for good food but even with all the best choices it never hurts to make sure you have all the nutrition. I read a lot of other websites to find out what is the best. So I know that what I take are the best and not just wasting money on things I do not need.

I missed it

Ok, I read on facebook about the GLEE shows on Tuesday. Gessh I missed it. Now, I know the husband should record that show and never miss it again. I've been watching the first few episodes on GLEE but I just forget to record it. You know, its hard to catch up our shows these days due to busy schedule at work and not so much time to watch TV because me and the husband always come home late. Well, we just have to watch on weekend then.

Time for dress up

Halloween is just around the corner. It is time to start thinking about what you will wear. Will you be looking at all the choices for adult costumes? It is hard to make a choice with all those wonderful ideas. I love to see the creative choices that people make on that day. It is fun to just go around town and see what people come up with. Just going to the bank you can see some interesting people.

Yummy Dinner

Ok, I am happy I was able to come home a little bit early today so I was able to cook good dinner with the husband. I search for recipes online and I found a very nice recipes of HUMBA. It doesn't come out very good but I know I will try to make it next time. First try is always bad for sure but next time will be better. I really love humba, but I cannot make as good as the one they had in Philippines.

What is your opinion?

The eternal question is what are the best diet pills? If you think you know the answer then you are fooling yourself. There are so many choices and nothing that is definitive to tell you what is the best choice. You can try a lot of things that might not work for you and you will just be wasting money on pills and still be fat. Reading about those pills before might help prevent a great waste of money.


Lord, thank You for giving us peace. I've added "peace" to my own list of dynamic human values. Whenever I am troubled or afraid, I will accept Your gift of peace of mind and heart. When you have been afraid, do you think to pray? When you have prayed, have you felt God's peace? Share a time when you were able to overcome fear with the peace that only God can provide.

Take your pills

Most effective diet pills for women can be found in this site. There are some pills that are better for a man and some that are better for a woman. You really have to do some research to figure out what is best for you. I would rather just eat healthy and not need to take those pills but I seem to have those weak moments that I cheat and eat all those junk foods. So those diet pills can help to over come those weak moments.

Its been so busy

Its been so hard catching up in my blogs after almost 2 weeks of vacation in Philippines. Now, that I am back I would try to update my blogs as much as I could despite having a busy schedule at work. Honestly, I really miss blogging in fact, I had so much fun when I entered into blogosphere. Now, that I am working hard to catch up though. However, I will try my best to keep my two blogs running.

Cool Beds

If you have a rustic house then you will want to take a look at these cabin beds. I am not sure how well I would sleep on them but I would give it a try. It would look very nice in a cabin though. To be honest I think they would be really comfortable. So you can have a comfortable bed that would look awesome and yet still be rustic. You have to check them out for yourself.