Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just a little bit of help

For those the world around who cannot fit in those pants anymore or that little dress they used to be able to wear they need some help. If that special event is coming up and you realize you put on a few pounds since the last time you dressed up you can try the slimming pill to make sure you can still look good. We have all had that event which we want to look good because we are going to see someone we have not seen in awhile and you know you have been eating a little bit too much the last few days or weeks (or months if we are honest with ourselves.) With a little bit of slimming you can feel a lot better about yourself.

At Massey

Have you seen the new Hyundai Sonata? You really need to check it out. It is selling like hotcakes. You can check it out at www.masseyauto.com They have a huge selection of new Hyundai's at a great price. My brother-in-law is the sales manager. If you need to buy a car he is the one you need to talk to.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Even if you eat your veggies

My husband is a terrible eater. He can eats junk food all day. I worry that he is not getting the right nutrition. So I am always encouraging him to take men vitamins. You can never get enough vitamins in my eyes. Even if you eat a lot of vegetable and fruits you might be missing something important to your health. So the supplement helps to make sure all your bases are covered. This is even more important that man who eats nothing but eat meat and potatoes and drink beer every weekend. I think cutting out the beer would help a lot too in improving his health.

Go Vote

My hubby is running for office as a Libertarian candidate his website is here. You have to take a look at it and tell me what you think. Would you vote for him? It is too bad that I cannot vote for him since I am not registered to vote. He is running for Maryland 6th Congressional district US House of Representative. If you want you can link to it then it would be great. If you vote for him it would be even better.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Be Seen Around The World

There are many different directories out there on the web these days. If you are in business trying to make sure your business is on the web directories the customers who are looking at it can be overwhelming. It is nice to find a site you can just post once and know that your business is listed on all the pertinent lists on the net. If customers cannot find your business then it is not good. Why having a website if it is not used? It also helps to have as many links around the internet to your site. This helps get a higher rank which helps more people find you.


Thinking about the Brgy and Sk election in the Philippines today. I hope people will vote wisely and pick the good candidates who can represent as their leader. Good luck to my Pa who runs as brgy. councilor and to my niece who runs as SK councilor. I wish them both good luck. I am excited to hear the news tomorrow when I get up. Happy Sunday everyone!

Give A One And Only Type Of Gift

The Christmas season is approaching. It is not here yet but it is never too early to start planning. Why not give a gift this year that is taken to the next level. With Personal Creations you can give a gift that is personalized to that special person. With a personalize gift they can be sure that no one else in the world has the same gift. There is a huge list of stuff you can personalize. There are many choices you can pick from and it is not just for Christmas but for any holidays or special event. Give something unique for that special occasion next time and give them a gift they will remember for a long time.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

US House Of Representative Maryland

The Herald-Mail asked the candidates running for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 6th Congressional District in the Nov. 2 general election to respond to five questions. The candidates were asked to limit each response to 100 words. Their responses follow. They are unedited, except when necessary for length or clarity. Read more article..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What to do about big belly?

I have a friend who is soooo fat. He has a huge belly and it giggles when he walks. I think what would be the best fat burner for him. I would love to see him get rid of that belly. I read about those kind of pills and think about trying them. I also wonder if the same pills that work for him will help me lose a few extra pounds that I want to lose. Does a fat burner pill kill your appetite or does it just burn the extra calories you eat. I guess I will have to try it and find out.

Found Lots of Friends

Hard to believe I found a lot of my old friends on facebook. I never thought I would still have communication with them. Networking site like facebook help to reconnect my old friends, family, relatives and classmate. Glad I am a member of that site and I found a lot of my classmate too. I couldn't imagine without joining to any networking sites though because that's my only leisure when I'm online while surfing as well. Internet is a very powerful tool to reconnect people around the globe. I am one who is so thankful with it. How about you? Are you thankful reconnecting with other people?

Stripping some pounds

So is hoodia effective? I read about it online and was thinking about giving it a try. I am always feeling like I am a bit over weight and want to find ways to get rid of those extra pounds. There are so many things on the internet that tell you they are effective at losing weight but I wanted to give this a try because it seems like it is the most real. It is funny if I could just eat less then I would not have to worry about losing weight but I always manage to eat that extra bite of food which I regret later.

What A Day

I cannot believe how I start my day today. I was so pissed knowing about the bad news from my family. I will elaborate more soon. Why there are some people treat other people like shit? Well, just venting here how I feel. Hope I am going to have a good day tomorrow.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time To Have A New One

When I went home last month I took 2000 photos despite having some trouble of my camera. Sometimes, I couldn't took a nice one because it suddenly changed to video whenever I try to take one but I managed to make it work and was able to take lots of pictures. I couldn't imagine uploading those photos in my computer though because my camera keep turning off whenever I plug in to my USB port. I was so frustrated because waiting for an hour is pain in the ass. Now, I told my husband I really want to have new digital cameras for my birthday in December. I will be so happy if he surprises me for sure! So next time I go back home I have to make sure my camera is new so that I'm not going to have the same problem. It is always nice though to have new stuff to take with you especially taking a trip to any places is the best memory that you could imagine when you have camera with you.

New Place to Shop

Its been a very relaxing weekend for us. I'm glad we get to relax and spend time together. Tomorrow is another day at work and hoping to have a great week ahead of us. Well, not much happening this weekend, we just went for a ride to Virginia to looked for some Asian foods. Glad we found a new store that caters lots of Asian foods including the carry out food. They had lots of good stuff and frozen foods that I miss to cook. Now, I know where to find them. We will definitely go back there again. Its nice to try new places to eat and found new stuff for my cooking.

Lose Some Fat

There is a new weight loss program that I just found out about. It is called Bioidentical hormone therapy Austin clinic. It might just be the answer to a prayer for many of those who are really over weight and are struggling just to keep from packing on more pounds let alone losing weight. It is an entire program that is safe and effective for many different types of people. If you are really struggling with an obesity problem I suggest you give it a try.

Wisdom Teaching

You shall teach [God’s Word] to your children . . . when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. — Deut. 11:19 The Sleeping Beauty Waltz, the 1812 Overture, and The Nutcracker Suite were all part of the music of my childhood. Sometimes a narrator told stories or — as in the case of Tubby the Tuba and Peter and the Wolf — introduced my sisters and me to the sounds of different instruments. In their desire to pass on their love for music, my parents used this method as a teaching tool. It worked! Weaving the classic tales with classical tunes made a powerful impact on us. When an adult wants to impart important information to a child, it’s often best related in a story because it is more easily understood and enjoyed. Telling children the stories in God’s Word is especially crucial because the Bible’s enduring truth can shape character and show consequences of actions (1 Cor. 10:11). Tiny seeds of faith can be cultivated in fertile soil and help children to see how God has worked in the lives of His followers throughout history. Bible stories also show how God is intimately involved in our lives. What we have seen God do for us and what He has done for His people throughout history must be passed on to the next generation (Deut. 11:1-21). Their future depends on it. Teach your children well. — Cindy Hess Kasper

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New website

My husband is always wanting to start up new websites. He has a new idea every other week. They are usually very different ideas. One week it is a new news website and the next he is wanting to sell some crazy product no one really wants. He has done research so he knows that he needs managed hosting. They can help him get up his website faster than if he started it all by himself. Of course most ideas never get as far as even starting the site but one day he might actually follow through and get it set up.

Just thinking

I've been thinking about the coming brgy. election in the Philippines. Its gonna be another upset or celebration for my Papang because he's running for a councilor. I thought about just giving him my support because that's what he wants and where he is happy I am happy too. So will see the outcome after the election. Anyway, win or lost I'm always here for my parents. But, I wish he wins because that makes him happy serving his fellowmen.


This winter we are thinking we should plan something so that we can get away when it is cold. One simple solution might be to take an Orlando vacation. There are so many things to see and do in Orlando that you can spend several weeks there and never do the same thing twice. Though, it would be awesome to spend that long on vacation we will be lucky to be able to spend a full week. So we will have to pick our adventures wisely. But at the top of list will be some time at Disney. No trip to Orland0 is complete without it.

Crazy day at work

Lately, has been so crazy at work. I tried to come home early as much as I could so that I can cook our dinner and trying to spend more time with my husband. Its hard to come home late though because I don't have much time to rest after we eat dinner its almost time to bed. I hope its going to be a good day at work next week. Have a good week ahead guys..

New lighting

So redecorating the house is the subject of the day in our house. We want to redo the whole house eventually but we are starting with the outside and looking at some Kichler lighting. Actually, there is a need of lights in every room. We are thinking we want to have lighting through out the whole house match but not so sure. It might actually be better though to have each room look very different. So when you are tired of one room you can hang out in another. We have to decide quickly though.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Did you caught your child Lying?

When you catch your child in a lie, it's natural to feel betrayed, hurt, angry and frustrated. But here's the truth: lying is normal. It’s wrong, but it's normal. In fact, we all do it to some degree. Consider how adults use lies in their daily lives: When we're stopped for speeding, we often minimize what we've done wrong, if not out–and–out lie about it. Why? We're hoping to get out of something, even if we know better. Read more article..