Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time To Have A New One

When I went home last month I took 2000 photos despite having some trouble of my camera. Sometimes, I couldn't took a nice one because it suddenly changed to video whenever I try to take one but I managed to make it work and was able to take lots of pictures. I couldn't imagine uploading those photos in my computer though because my camera keep turning off whenever I plug in to my USB port. I was so frustrated because waiting for an hour is pain in the ass. Now, I told my husband I really want to have new digital cameras for my birthday in December. I will be so happy if he surprises me for sure! So next time I go back home I have to make sure my camera is new so that I'm not going to have the same problem. It is always nice though to have new stuff to take with you especially taking a trip to any places is the best memory that you could imagine when you have camera with you.

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