Thursday, November 25, 2010

Smaller Is Better

I have a whole filing cabinet full of documents. It takes up so much room. There are all kinds of papers. It is hard to believe that in just a few years I could collect such a large volume of stuff. Glad I came across this site about document imaging. It is hard to believe that I could fit a whole cabinet full of papers on to a small scan dick the size of my thumb nail. In all honesty, when I realize how much you can fit on such a small disk I should not be so surprised. I saw a special on TV that a special disk today can hold 4 times the whole Congressional Library. Imagine the small number of files that I have. Scan your documents today and save so much space.

How's Your Thanksgiving Day?

Had a great THANKSGIVING dinner with my in-laws and family today. The best meal I've ever eaten. We had turkey, ham, the most delicious stuffing made of sour dough bread, cranberries, apple and sausage, candied sweet potatoes. We also have corn casserole, green beans casserole, rice cheese and broccoli casserole, salad with pomegranate vinaigrette and toasted pistachio. For our dessert, we had Florida key lime cake, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and a bunch of other stuff I've never eaten before and I'm not sure what it was. Thanks to my mother in-law who is such a good cook. Hope I can cook like her-:) Btw, I'm getting better at cooking all kinds of recipes.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Who's Your Favorite?

One of my favorite shows is amazing race. Today's episode is in Bangladesh. It looked very crowded and dirty. I was thinking it must be a little bit smelly for sure. I thought that being in Philippines was poor but watching that show I realized that Bangladesh is even more so. It was a really good show though I think my new favorites are the two ladies. They worked really hard and they were lucky not to get eliminated.

Hurry Get Some Great Deals Online

What is better to do your shopping on Black Friday or to just wait and shop online during Cyber Monday. If you go to the stores on Friday you might be able to find some really great deal. But usually unless you camp out for days all the great deals are gone by the time you get to the store. So you might as well just stay home sleep in and do all your shopping online. You can be certain that the deals online are for real and not something that is sold out before you get there. I am really excited for Christmas and I am certain this year I will do all my shopping early and not wait till the last minute.

Thanksgiving Week

Wew! its Thanksgiving week. I am excited to go to work tomorrow because I only work 4 days this week. I don't know what we do on Thanksgiving day but I believe we are going to have a great day because we both be staying home and prepare something for thanksgiving. Btw, we have a great weekend. Glad I was able to relax and spend time with the husband. Hope everybody is having a great weekend.

Friday, November 19, 2010

What do you have for dinner?

Since I got home 30 minutes ago, I feel so lazy. I don't know what to cook for dinner. My laziness trike on me! I always think about Friday night is our time to eat dinner outside or a time for take out. Now, I am thinking about having subway for dinner. It is more healthy than eating outside right?

Give You Help For Cheap

I hate the winter. It is so hard to get rid of my belly. I want to lose some fat so bad but the cold seems to keep it on me. I found a great fat burner which might just do the trick. If I can burn my fat through the cold weather when it turns warm again then for sure I will shed the pounds. I can walk and run for miles but when it is cold the fat just seems to stick to me. So no matter what happen I just want to get rid of this belly fat and look thin like a model that I know I am lol. So even if I exercise then I can lose all this weight with a little bit of help from the fat burners. The good news is I can find very cheap fat burner that will help me loosing the weight I wanted for so long.

Love Fridays

Yah it is Friday and payday. Glad weekdays is over and get to relax on weekend. I am always happy when its Friday night because I can stay up late and chat with friends online and wake up late on Saturday morning. Its been a great day today and I get to come home early from work. Now waiting for the husband to come home and think about what's for dinner

Having An Acne Problem?

Every season I changed my facial soap because my skin is very sensitive. Lately, I used different facial cream for my face and I've noticed my face is getting an acne. I don't have any idea what happened and why I am getting this acne that pissed me off. I really need an acne solution for my acne treatment. I never get this acne before, maybe the sudden changed of weather? I don't know! Luckily, I find find an acne solution online that will make my face back to normal. Really, I hate having this acne. I need to treat them asap.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Need Some Help?

It is hard to believe how much changes are coming to the federal government especially concerning Medicare part D plan. There are people out there who can help you navigate your way through the process. Even those who are pretty smart and can figure things out on their own are not sure exactly how the process is supposed to work. If you want to make sure you are getting the maximum benefits that are due to you especially from Medicare then you might want to check this out. I was surprise at how much I learned just from a few minutes looking around.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Its boxing time! Watching Manny and Margarito fights later makes me so nervous. You know why? Margarito is way to big than Manny. I hope for the filipino boxer's victory. If you want to watch it on live. Click this link.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thinking about Christmas

The husband and I are starting to think about Christmas gifts especially for Dad. We found a great site that has some awesome ties and bow ties. The styles on that site are endless. No matter what color you want or the pattern you want on a tie there is a good chance you can find it on this site. I am thinking about asking Mom what color tie she thinks he might need. Of course I will have to get him more than one tie. I might even get a few for my husband, he only wears a tie once in awhile but I am tired of seeing the same few ties he likes to wear.

Work Much Better

Feel better for the last couple days because I was able to get out work early and have time to relax and make dinner. I hope work isn't so busy until the end of the year. Sometimes, I need time to rest and get home early. The last few months was so crazy at work because I always work late and come home so late. My body was so exhausted almost giving up. Now that work isn't so busy I want to make up time spending with my husband.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Change The Stylish Of Your Home

I consider blinds as an addition stylish to my home because it add to the decoration. My window blinds were so old so I am debating to replace it this coming holiday season. It is nice to find the best quality blinds online with great price. Although shopping online can be a challenge but you can surely find great deals online especially on holiday seasons. I cannot wait to have new blinds for our windows and kitchen.

Work is Unpredictable

Glad I got out from work early today so I had time to make our dinner and relax. Sometimes work could be unpredictable! Lately, I've been home late and today I am home early which I really love to. I always want to come home early so that I have time to relax and spend time with my Babe D. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a good day because its pay day-:)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Travel In Health

I have a friend who loves to travel. At any one time he could be found in any of the 49 lower states. He is a little bit older and I asked him if he was worried about his health. What happens if he gets sick and he is miles and miles from home. Even worse what kind of emergency assistance would he be able to get. He told that he has Good Sam. Which I had never heard of. I looked it up and found that it is a really good program. It is great for the RV traveler who goes from state to state. It avoids the fear of ending up in some place with out adequate facilities.

Father Won

As I said in my previous post my father was running for Brgy. councilor in our place in the Philippines. I was so happy when I heard about the good news that he won. Congratulations to my Father for winning as brgy. councilor bid. Were so proud of him. Now, he is planning to have a victory party this weekend. I think everybody is so excited and surely they will have a blast! I wish I'm there-:( Anyhow, CONGRATULATIONS!

Getting Help You Need

I had a friend who I was really concerned about because he seemed to be having a bunch of issues and his life was going down hill. I found out that he had a dual diagnosis and needed some really intense treatment. He was lucky to find a great place that had the tools and the people to deal with complex problems. It is more often than you realize that a mentally sick person has more than one issues going on. You have to have an experience staff to isolate and deal with each issue one at a time.

Winter Is Here

Its been a long day at work today. I never expect to come home late. I wish it will be a good day tomorrow so that I can go home early and have more time to relax. Anyhow, winter is really here. I was freezing when I went out today and I can really feel that summer is over and winter is here. Oh, how I miss summertime!