Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

Whatever your holiday, this season brings; Wishing everyone especially our family and friends a very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2012 to come. Hoping for peace on earth and good will to all!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Guitar Lessons Online

I grew up like to sing in the church and watch my brother and sister playing guitar but I never learn to play. I can play a basic cord but I never have a proper guitar lessons. If ever I have a chance to learn how to play a guitar why not. I love to sing and listen to music, it will be nice if I can play a guitar while singing. I'm still hoping whenever I have time in the future I would really love to go to guitar lessons. I know learning guitar lessons will be a challenge but it is possible to learn online from home by setting my own time.

Giving my dog a comfy place to rest her head

Guest post written by Colin Earnhart

For years now my dog has been content to sleep at the foot of my bed on top of all kinds of ratty old blankets. It isn't all that visually pleasing to see blankets riddled with holes dragged all over our house, but she really loves it. I'm trying to come up with some ideas about things that she can sleep on that look a whole lot better. So I set my mind on making her a little dog bed.

I'm pretty crafty, so I thought that it would be good to make her a bed that I think suits her personality and is also attractive. When I was online looking up some directions on that, I ran across the site and showed it to my wife. She agreed that we could change over our internet service to the provider that I found on there.

My wife picked out a fabric for the dog bed that would match our decor and I set to work on it. I elevated it with a wooden base and used a staple gun, instead of sewing to make the cushion part. I'm pretty proud of my project and I think it will make our house look a little nicer too.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Work Place Under Construction

The destruction has begun! We moved into the trailers. They begun tearing out all the old to get ready for the new! To our valued customers and friends, Massey Hyundai Sales Office relocated to the trailer while we are under construction! Construction Sale still going on in the trailer! Stop by check us out!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coupons On All Apple Products And Accessories

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Glasses That Rock Your Budget

Do you love to wear sunglasses? If you're like most people buying glasses online is a new concept then, you can check out ed hardy glasses to add up a pair of glasses that you will love and actually want to wear it anywhere you go. They have huge selection of glasses that will fit your budget and make you look really stylish. Their glasses has the best prices online and you can shop with free shipping! Check out Ed Hardy Glasses online!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

How To Hang Out At Home More

I am getting ready to remodel the basement. We are deciding what kind of theme we want for the basement. I would really like to make it into a place I can hang out with all my friends. I would love to make it feel like my own bar. I found a great place to find some used bar equipment. I can decorate the entire basement on the cheap and make it feel like my own great hang out bar. I am not so sure we will actually do it. But it is nice to think about.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Feeling Fat

The summer is getting close to the end and starting to think about getting ready for the winter. I am actually not feeling so fat right now as summer is always easy to keep the weight off. With the temperature starting to cool, we are thinking about how to keep the weight off during the cooler days. I am checking out some safe diet pills to help out when the days are shorter. It would be nice to actually lose some weight this winter. We will see what happens this year. Maybe you will see me next summer slimmer than ever.

UNLV Filipino American Student Association

The Filipino American Student Association (FASA), is a student organization at UNLV that has been active since the early 1990s. FASA is an organization that provides a home away from home for our student members who are from all over the United States and some even from the Philippines and Guam. We pride ourselves for not only being a Filipino organization but also a multi-cultural one that seeks to learn and preserve our Filipino Heritage. Read More Article

Horse Riding

I have never ridden a horse but I always like to see the clothes that the women wear when they ride horse here in the United States. Of course the proper title is equestrian riding apparel. There are some really great looking equestrian boots with chaps and cool helmet. I might have to learn how to ride just so I can get some of those clothes. I just love to go clothes shopping so any excuse to do so I jump at it. I might just shop for the clothes and never go riding on a horse just to have the chance to shop. But honestly I want to give the riding a chance because I do love horses also.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kids in School

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

Having both my kids in college has been an adjustment for me much like I’m sure it is for a lot of stay at home moms like me. It’s tough to know what to do when your kids leave home and I feel like I didn’t prepare myself for this day very well. I miss my girls a whole lot and it’s tough not being able to talk to them face to face every day but it helps that we’ve got HughesNet Satellite Internet Service at home so I can email and instant message with them a few times a week. They’re only about 2 hours away so it’s not like they’re on a different continent but it may as well be! I miss them but I’m also feeling a lot of hardship when it comes to what I’m supposed to do with myself. I haven’t worked in decades and now that I don’t have any mom duties I kind of feel like a waste of space! I know it will all be better eventually but for now…

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Help When You Need It

I bought a new car a few months back. I was happy to find out that there was an emergency roadside assistance that came with the car. It is a nice peace of mind when you know that if something goes wrong with the car then I can make a quick phone call and I have help in minutes. Most likely I will never need to use the service because my car runs great but you'll never know. I have actually never had any car break down. I guess I have been very lucky that way. Someday, my time will come when I am driving and I am going to need lots of help, I know there is assistance close is really a bonus to me.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quake Hit East Cost

WASHINGTON (AP) - A 5.9 magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia forced evacuations of all the monuments on the National Mall in Washington and rattled nerves from Georgia to Martha's Vineyard, the Massachusetts island where President Barack Obama is vacationing. No injuries were immediately reported. The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake was half a mile deep and centered near Louisa, Va., about 40 miles northwest of Richmond. Shaking was felt at the White House and all over the East Coast, as far south as Chapel Hill, N.C. Parts of the Pentagon, White House and Capitol were evacuated. Read the full story...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brighten Someone's Day

You don't need to have a special occasion to give a gift to your love ones, but you still want the perfect gift to send. I believe the best gifts are for no reason at all. If you want to surprise your someone with a unique gift, just because gifts at Personal Creations is the best place to check out. They offer Just Because Gifts and More! You can shop online with their wide selection of unique gifts and collectibles to brighten someone's day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

5th Year And Still Counting

Today is our 5th yr since we got married in Singapore. Its nice to reminisce the day we get married that brought memories how things was like when we first met. It is hard to believe how the time has passed so quickly. I remember the hours and hours we spend online chatting and talking on the phone. Right from the first time we met there was a strong connection. If you would have told us 5 yrs ago that we would be sitting next to each other right now, I would have thought you were crazy. It is nice to be close to the one you love especially when we started so far apart. Even if there is a great distance between two hearts, if they are meant to be together they will find a way to unite. Our marriage is a testament to that fact. Happy 5th yr wedding Anniversary Babe D!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Looking For Nice Quality Boots For The Winter?

On winter time I love to wear boots to make my feet warm. Now, summer time is almost over, I started to think about buying few pairs of boots this winter. I find it hard when its winter time here, with the heavy snow I really need nice boots. I will specifically looking for a nice womens boots online where I can find classic, unique and comfortable walking boots. Whenever I shop for my shoes, first thing I consider is the price and quality. I also make sure that I order the right size to ensure that it will fit and feels comfortable to wear. What do you consider when you shop for boots online?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ellen DeGeneres’ Filipino Housekeeper Now On TV

THE housekeeper of the famous talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres is now on television. Luzviminda Casimiro, better known as “Mindy” to her friends now has a regular TV Segment on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It all started late last year, 2010, when Ellen DeGeneres asked Mindy if she wants to watch movies especially in DVDs. When Mindy responded to Ellen that she would enjoy that very much Ellen gave her a bunch of DVDs that include The Black Swan, Inception, The King’s Speech, True Grit, Social Network, Toy Story 3 and 127 Hours. Ellen told Mindy to watch the movies and let her know later what she thinks about them. Mindy was surprised since all the movies were newly-released and not yet available on DVD. After several days, Ellen told Mindy a TV crew is coming to interview her about the movies she watched. Ellen advised Mindy to just be herself and to tell the TV crew whatever she thinks of the movies that she have previewed. Read More

Prepare For Your Future And Be Safe

Most of the time I do not worry about the future but when I do start to think about it I also start to think about what happens after I am gone. I am thinking about taking care of my family after I am no longer around. There are so many different places you can find life insurance online. I was excited to find They have the best prices for insurance I have seen anywhere. I hope you all can check it out and make sure your loved ones are taken care of!

Filipina appointed by SF Mayor Lee to Redistricting Task Force

A FILIPINA was recently appointed by San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee as part of the nine-member body of the City’s Redistricting Task Force to determine how the supervisorial district lines should be redrawn. Entrepreneur and community leader Marily Mondejar joins other appointees—San Francisco Unified School District Deputy Superintendent Myong Leigh and Sonia Melara, Executive Director of Rally Family Visitation Services of St. Francis Memorial Hospital. “The Census has shown the population of San Francisco grown, and changes to our voting districts must adequately reflect our communities and our City,” said Mayor Lee in a released press release. “Leigh, Melara and Mondejar all will bring valuable community involvement and experience to the Redistricting Task Force that will have lasting impacts on our residents and our City.”Read More

How Do You Dress?

It is funny but there seem to be more and more people who are joining the medical profession. You can always tell someone who works in a hospital. You see them running around town in their medical scrubs. I always think about getting some scrubs just to wear around the house. They always looks so comfortable. I think I will have to get that job as a nurse first. Then, I can wear them to work in a proper way. I will just have to settle for wearing my sweat pants and sweat shirt around the house. What kind of house clothes do you like to wear?

A Fine, Fond Farewell To Harry Potter

NEW YORK - It all ends here. Such an ominous statement, encompassing all seven books and eight films, but a reality that diehard fans around the world are all grappling with. This week, everything will come to an end. To say that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is the much-anticipated motion picture event of the year would be a severe understatement. This is the final adventure in the highly successful franchise that began with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 2001 and now, everyone is curious as to how the saga about the boy wizard would end. Fans have been giddy in anticipation, camping out last week near the Trafalgar Square for the world premiere in London and this week at Lincoln Center here in New York. Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy, Harry’s nemesis and Slytherin leader, distributed boxes of pizza Sunday afternoon after the series of press interviews at the Waldorf Astoria. “They have been waiting there for a few days, it’s the least I could do,” Felton told the Asian Journal in an exclusive interview Monday. Source

Getting Clean And Healthy

A friend of mine had surgery on his foot after a horrible accident not so long ago. The doctor gave him some strong pain killers to help ease the pain. He was in recovery for so long that he got addicted to the pain killers. After he had recovered from the surgery he had a real problem and need to go through an opiate detox. The withdraw was very painful but when it was all over he was glad to be done with the pills. I hope the next time the doctor is more careful not to over prescribe them to his future patients.

Inspirational Pinoy Visionary Artist

His visionary short documentary films about Filipino youth empowerment, faith, and advocacy to the environment has made Pinoy filmmaker, Herwin Cabasal, a strong contender in the Possible Futures Film Contest, a global film contest based in San Francisco, California that aims to “reveal visions of a positive future.” With 317 entry films from 44 countries, the competition permits its contestants to submit as much as four films—one in each category of “Peace and Freedom, Fair Societies, Sustainability and Beyond, and Human Fulfilment.” In an exclusive interview with the Asian Journal, Herwin disclosed how “overwhelmed” he was when he learned that four of the short films he made passed as official entries to the Possible Future Film contest. With an average running time of five minutes each, Herwin’s four entry films namely: Stewards, Tactics, Starfish and Pledge beautifully highlighted the possibilities of a better Philippines in the future. Herwin shared with Asian Journal that it was his idea to make the film in a reality-based format so the viewers can relate to what they will see and envision its positive results in the future. Read More Article

Good Cell Phone Signal

We live out in the woods far from the nearest cell phone tower. Sometimes we can have a really tough time getting a signal. So we were searching and found a great wilson electronics cell booster online and decided to try it out. It is great we can now get a strong signal in the house. We were thinking about getting a land line for the house but we are both working all day, nobody's at home and did not want to pay for it. However, with the booster we can forget about need the land line and just use our cell phones. When you have a cell phone there is no need to be tied up with the land line.

Northeast Fil-Ams urged to vote for Puerto Princesa River

The Philippine Consul General in New York has urged Filipino-Americans in the North East to support a global campaign to include the Puerto Princesa Underground River in the new Seven Wonders of Nature list. “If successful, the inclusion of the Underground River on the list will immensely raise the profile of the Philippines as an attractive environment-friendly destination,” Consul General Mario de Leon Jr. said in a recent statement. “(It) can greatly help in uplifting the Philippine tourism industry with potentially more economic gains for the nation as a whole,” he added. A poll is being conducted by New7Wonders Foundation, a Swiss-based organization that also conducted the New 7 Wonders of the World in 2007. Over a billion people around the world are anticipated to vote by phone, the internet or via mobile phone text messaging. Read More Article

Monday, July 11, 2011

It Is Worth A Try

Weight loss isn't always easy but you can choose to stop being fat and start being healthy today with the help of weight loss pills. There are so many weight loss pills on the market that distinguishing the best weight loss pill from a bad weight loss pill and it can be a difficult task. However, there are some reliable website online that provide the best weight loss pills and best reviews that help you decide which weight loss pills to avoid and which one are worth a try. On the link above, you may read and learn the basics of how weight loss pill works and the effectiveness of weight loss pill. Check it out and learn how you can lose weight today!

Obama Challenges GOP to Compromise On Debt

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama declared on Monday there would be no deal on raising the government's debt limit if Republicans won't compromise, and he said he would not sign a short-term extension - raising the stakes on volatile negotiations with the clock ticking toward an Aug. 2 deadline. "I don't see a path to a deal if they don't budge. Period," the president said in a challenge to his political opponents, accusing Republicans of having a "my way or the highway" posture on taxes read more.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Knee Support Will Help You Stay In The Game

My husband exercise almost everyday. One day, when he went for a run, he slipped on a rock and hurt his knee. That time, I don't know where to get a pain relief to support his knee. Luckily, I found donjoy knee sleeve online that sell products from the most trusted brands in the industry including DonJoy knee sleeve. Next time, if he hurts himself again, I know where to buy good knee wrap to prevent further injury.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Experiencing the beach again to the fullest

Guest post written by Henry Johnson

One of the things that I would always look forward to over the summer was when my family would head to the coast. We were always mountain folk, so going to the beach took quite a long car trip and was a pretty big deal. But once we finally got there and we felt the salty wind and breathed in that ocean air, a cramped, long car ride made it all worth it. Luckily now I retired to the beach, but I still love it as much as I used to.

But it didn't have the same effect on me like it used to. I was thinking about that the other day when I was catching up on some emails and browsing online. When I was doing that I saw the site After I read through it some, I decided to sign up for a hearing test and ended up getting some hearing aids.

After that when I went to the beach, it was almost like I was experiencing it all again for the first time!

Getting Excited For The 3 Day-Weekend

Oh Yeah! July 4th is few days away. I know most of us in the States have a 3-day weekend, which is pretty exciting. I'm hoping to get caught on some chores around the house and pack some stuff to send for the family. I am excited because this is my first time in a long time to have a 3 day weekend since I left my old job. I am also looking forward to have a very relaxing weekend and spend quality time with the husband.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Setting Your Goal And Physically Fit

There are many high school wrestler in the US, some of them involved with joining high school wrestling team. First thing, they should understand what it takes to be a good wrestler and learn the basic steps. Some people they love wrestling or it is just a hobby. But for some people wrestling is their passion and their priority in life. Do you love wrestling? Do you look forward to practice? If you want to join the high school wrestling, check out the link above for more information!

Maryland Loses Jobs but Still Doing Well in Recession

The U.S. Department of Labor released the latest state-by-state unemployment numbers on Friday, and results for Washington area are only fair. Maryland is at 95.7 percent of its pre-recession employment rate for May compared to 95 percent of the national rate. And with a rate of 6.8 percent unemployment, the rate has improved from 7.4, or a change of 0.8 percent in the last year. Virginia has also shown improvement, with a 1 percent change in the past year. Virginia's current unemployment rate of 6 percent is slightly better than Maryland's. Statistically, Maryland has had a poor month. The change from April to May from 2,519,500 to 2,506,200 people employed represents a change of 13,400. The District of Columbia's unemployment rate hasn't changed significantly in a year. In May 2010, the rate was 9.9 percent; April 2011 saw 9.6 percent and May 9.7 percent.Read more article.. Source

Monday, June 20, 2011

Looking For Your Battery Replacement?

Are you looking for a longer-life battery? The Source is the place to find all your battery needs. They all have kinds of huge selection of everything! From vtech batteries, laptop batteries, cell phone batteries, battery chargers and more. You cannot go wrong with The Source because they have everything you need. Whether you're looking for rechargeable batteries, they have it all. I would definitely shop from The Source for my next purchase of battery. Battery replacement guaranteed and great prices, you cannot beat that!

Finally, Yehey!

Weeks ago, my computer blew up due to over heated I guess. It's been a week I was patiently waiting for the husband to transfer all my stuff from my old hard drive to the new one. Finally, he did it last night and I was so happy! I never thought I could still recover all my stuff from the old computer though but Thank God for saving those for me! I had so much stuff on my old comp which I really don't want to lose. I couldn't believe the husband did it! I guess I have to trust him huh lol.....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Little Assistance For Driving UTV

When out on the rough terrain a little assist in steering can be a big help. So when I found this great site with utv power steering units I knew I was going to have to get one. I have never actually driven a UTV with power steering though I have driven a car that has power steering so,I am hoping that it is as smooth as driving a car. Going over rough terrain without the assistance can be very tiring. Of course there are a lot of UTV drivers who just think that power steering is for the lazy but I beg to differ and will be giving it a shot.

Made My Day

Wew! NBA Star Jamaal Tinsley bought a Sonata Hybrid for his niece from Massey Hyundai. I was lucky enough to get a picture with him. Made my day!!

Hunting Season Yet?

Is it deer season yet? Well, to be honest it is too hot right now for deer season. It has to be cold outside to go hunting. I saw a whole herd of deer just the other night and they seem pretty relaxed so it was obvious that it was not in season. I am thinking about getting a new spotting scope for the next season. That way I can see them from a long way off. But you cannot get ready to hunting too early. I could spend months and months getting ready. This year I will be ready like never before.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Work Out Supplement That Suit You

While the best post workout supplement is up for great debate, it has not really been much talked about for the best pre workout supplement. Most people think about what they eat and supplements they take after they work out. It has been found that before can be as important if not more important than after. Eating before you work out can be tricky since you do not want to have a full stomach when you work out. So rather than eat a full meal you might just want to take a supplement to get the most out of your workout and either burn the most fat or build a muscle.

Need Spoiler? Check It Out!

My work place at Massey Hyundai received the first shipment of spoiler for the new 2011 Sonata. They are flying out of the store like hot cakes. Stop by today and have yours installed before we sell out of your color. Supplies right now are limited. So Hurry to get yours installed! You can give us a call at 301-739-6756.

Losing Pounds

Until today, I can never get enough of abdominal cuts when I read an abdominal cuts review. It seems to good to be true but I am thinking about giving it a try. I was interested to find any advantages to getting rid of a few extra pounds of fat. It is amazing how hard to lose just a few pounds. You can spend hours and hours every day working out. You can burn as many calories on the treadmill and yet those pesky last few pounds want to stick to your midsection. So when I hear about something new that might just be the help I need my ear perk up and I pay attention. This is still a little bit too new for me though I think I will have to do a lot more reading on this first.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Looking To Further Your Education?

Since I got here in the States, I've been always longing to go back to school. However, with my busy work and personal schedule constraint to attend in Campus. With constant search I found online degree programs are convenience and flexible to meet my schedule. It's not that I think online education is simple. On the contrary, I am very much aware that my decision to go back to school is complicated! I also know the process itself will be challenging at the same time, I understand that I'm busy. I have the job, a family, and life! But if you're educational or career goals for going the extra mile, consider enrolling in an online degree programs and be one step closer to achievement, I think Western Governors University is the best way to go. They offer a flexible online degree programs that fits into your busy work and personal schedule. Above all, affordable tuition rates! Whatever you’re level of education from Online Teachers Licensure Programs, Online College Degree, Online College Information Degree, Online Graduate Programs Licensed Teacher, and Online College of Health Professions. I guess I found the right school. I believe online degree programs are convenient and flexible, allow maintaining my professional and personal commitments while pursuing high quality education on my terms, and putting a degree well within reach.

Personalize Your Hyundai Car At Massey

Do you know that you can order accessories for your New Hyundai all from the comfort of your own home? You need to check out our new tab at Not only can you find what the hottest new accessories are for your brand new Hyundai, there are accessories for some older models also. To introduce our new program we are offering 10% off all accessories ordered through the website. Hurry before this offer ends!

Throwing A Baby Shower?

Do you have a friend who is having a baby and somehow you were elected to throw the baby shower? Well, don't forget, to start the baby shower excitement, baby shower invitations are a big part in the baby shower planning process! Also don't forget all the wonderful shower favors and decorations to make your friend's baby shower a success! With many different styles of baby shower invitations available online you can have fun browsing different baby shower invitations designs from gender to theme or style. You can click the link above if you are planning to throw a baby shower, you can even find an amazing selection of unique and memorable baby gift. Everything you need for the perfect baby shower check out Invitation Consultants!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Get Some Muscle?

A friend of mine started lifting weights. He has been doing it for a couple of weeks. He is getting huge. I asked him how he got so big so fast. He told me that he was taking force factor supplements. I can lift a lot of weights before I would ever get that big. I think though that I prefer just to lose the fat that I have around my belly. I know that if I lose some of this fat then my muscles will look bigger anyway. I can spend days and days in the gym and never see the result that I feel I should. That will not stop me though from working out. I know that I can stand to lose some fat so that I will look good this summer.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Huge TV For Your Home

My husband loves to watch TV. It is one of his favorite hobbies. We are working on remodeling the house and we are thinking about how to make the room look nice for a huge TV. We are thinking about getting lcd dlp projector and just show it on one wall. I don't think that we will watch the wall TV everyday because we will use a smaller TV but when we have a few friends over we can use the display on the TV. Well, you can never have a TV that is too big! It might be possible to have one too loud but not too big. We will have to see if we decide to install the projector or not. If we do it will be awesome! We will see.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Victory For Filipinos

LAS VEGAS (AP)—Manny Pacquiao won a lopsided 12-round decision over Sugar Shane Mosley on Saturday night, retaining his WBO welterweight title with his 14th consecutive victory. Pacquiao (54-3-2) didn’t get the knockout he wanted, but the Filipino Congressman retained his position the most dominant and exciting fighter in the sport, methodically beating Mosley (46-7-1) at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. Pacquiao knocked Mosley down with a left hook in the third round, a punch that seemed to sap Mosley’s willingness to engage. Pacquiao ran after Mosley the rest of the fight, but the former champion who has never been stopped in 18 years in the ring managed to finish the 12th round on his feet.

Pacquiao won 120-108 on one scorecard, 120-107 on a second and 119-108 on the third. The Associated Press had him winning 118-110. Read More Article

Fashion Forward

It is mother's day! The perfect day to celebrate all Mom's young and old. But are you aware of what are the jewelry fashion trends for moms? Most of us are not! So it is worth the effort to find out from the experts. Do you want to get an expensive gift for your mother or your child mother only to find out she is not happy with it because it is was last years trends? Even worse you never found out she was disappointed until years later. Better to make your mother happy and keep her happy by listening to those who knows what they are talking about!

Monday, May 2, 2011

World's Shocking News!

Usama Bin Laden appeared to be "reaching for a weapon" before he was shot by the U.S. team raiding his compound in Pakistan, a senior U.S. official told Fox News.

The detail was among many disclosed Tuesday that helped fill out the narrative of what exactly happened during the 40-minute raid that ended with bin Laden's death. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Tuesday repeated the claim that bin Laden was not armed when U.S. forces arrived. He said only that bin Laden resisted -- that could be a reference to the claim that the terror leader reached for a weapon moments before he was shot dead. Read More Article

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mother's Birthday

M-A-MA-N-G, A word that means the world to me! It's my Mother's Birthday today! Just want to let you know that I am forever grateful and proud for having you as my Mamang. You are the best mother in the world. Without your love, courage, patience and that very strong character of yours, I am not what I am today and thank you for everything! I love you my ''Mamang We'' and Happy Birthday!!!

Are You Prepare For Your Retirement Health Care?

As with any government program, Medicare is getting more and more complicated. By the time we get to retirement we are going to need a whole team of lawyers just to figure out what is allowed. It is helpful to have a Medicare plan in place for when you get older. Even if you are not old enough yet your parents probably are. It is hard to navigate through the programs so a great website will help your parents as well as you. I think it would be better if the government were just to get out of the medical business but for now we have to live with the situation we have. Who knows it might just collapse anyway!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hyundai offers new car trade-in value guarantee

Hyundai Motor America, which pioneered the recession-era program enabling buyers to walk away from new cars if they lost their jobs, has a new gambit: It will guarantee customers a trade-in value for a vehicle at the time of purchase.

The new program under Hyundai's "Assurance" marketing banner will give buyers a definitive price on their future used car years in advance, said John Krafcik, CEO of Hyundai Motor America, speaking here at the New York International Auto Show.

From The Detroit News!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

43 To A Dollar, Bad Sign?

Yeah! It's 43 Peso to a dollar. I am very concerned about the steady appreciation of the peso against the dollar for several months now. I think because of the US trade deficit and low current interest rate cuts of the US stock market? I don't know whom do I blame? lol. Well, I'm just worried if the dollar is going back to below 40. I Hope not!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Have You Ever Read Reviews Before Buying Anything?

Have you read the sensa reviews? I love reading different kinds of reviews everyday especially about a review of losing weight. You could say that I am a professional review reader. I have read thousand and thousand of reviews. I read them about everything I buy and everything I do. The reviews that I read about sensa is that it is a great weight loss product. I always feel too fat so when I read a good review about losing weight I get excited. I can always get rid of few extra pounds. So I can never get enough of these reviews and can never lose enough pounds.

Hayss, Feeling Tired

Yeah! I feel a bit tired today. Not sure why but it seems I had a long day at work. I never feel so tired like this in a long time. I might need more rest and sleep early tonight so that when I wake up tomorrow I feel better and get ready for work. Well, tomorrow is the last day of the month so might as well we get busy at work!

Bright and Clean Face

Do you know how to get rid of blackheads fast? I hated when I got acne when I was younger. Now that I am older I do not have to worry so much about acne but the black heads are what I have to actually have to deal with. Really, I do not see them every day. It seems like I do not look at my face everyday but then all of a sudden I look in the mirror and seems like there are blackhead all over my face. So when I finally do realize that I have them all over I want to get rid of them fast. There is no fooling around when it comes to cleaning up my face.

Check it out

I came across this link on another website. It was this: Lecteurs MP3. I wondered what in the world did it mean. So I clicked on it and found out that it was all in French. No wonder I had no idea what it meant. Of course I know what MP3 means but the other word threw me for a loop. I am still not sure what it means. If you speak French then if you could click on it and tell me what all the stuff means. I am sure in France or even some in Canada could read it but as for me I think I will just move on to read something in English.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Check It Out! Huge Savings And Discounts At Massey

Today we had a short meeting about the launching of the Massey Rewards and Massey Car Club. I think its an amazing program that will benefit a lot of people especially the Massey Customers. You can save tons of dollars by just earning points toward your next vehicle purchase. Earn, Buy and Save as simple as that! You cannot find any dealerships around that offers a huge savings and discounts only at Massey Hyundai. As an employee at Massey Hyundai, I have a great privilege to avail on the rewards that help me save tons of money every time I shop online. The best thing about the Massey Program is you can join for free. Yes, it is absolutely free to join. Just go to Massey Website and learn more about the Massey Rewards. As soon as you log in to your member number, start savings and shopping online to over 200,000 merchants nationwide. You might as well want to check out our major participating retailers here.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Sink For The Bathroom

You know when you really think you need to remodel your whole bathroom there are some small things that can make it all look new. Just changing out the faucet for the hand washing sink can make a huge difference especially if it is a Danze faucets. Just changing the faucet may not seem like a lot but really it makes a huge difference. Of course if you do that along with something else like new wallpaper can make a new bathroom. That kind of stuff does not really cost a lot either.

Friend Birthday

We just got home from a friend and her daughter's birthday party. It was fun chatting with friends whom I never seen for a while. The food was great! Glad I was able to ate the food I've been craving for. It was a good day for everybody. Thanks to Myra and Tom for having us.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shop For Dresses?

Every time I go to any occasions like birthdays, wedding or parties I have to think about what kind of dress I wear. I always want to wear new dress that is stylish, look different from anybody and will stand out. I just love to shop for dress though. I cannot get enough with many dresses that I have in my closet because I always want to have new whenever I go to a party. I'm glad I found formal dresses website that will added to my favorites for shopping list online where you can find your dream dress to wear to any special event. You might as well check the website if you love to shop for dresses to your wedding or prom.

Happy Weekend

Its nice to spend time with the husband this weekend. Often times he works on Saturdays but today he's home so I'm glad we get to spend time together while relaxing. We just stayed home pretty much all day and I think tomorrow were going to do the same thing. But, I need to move do some stuff before the brand new week will start on Monday. I hope everybody is having a great weekend.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Phone, New Accessories

I got a new cell phone for Christmas. I just love my new cell phone so much. I am always looking for new Cell phone accessories to pamper my phone with. I am pretty good shopper. I do not really need much of an excuse to go shopping. When I have something I love then there is a good enough reason. There are hundreds and hundreds of great accessories online. It occupies many hours of my time just looking at the wonderful options. There are many covers to decorate my phone. I love the colors. If I wanted to I could have a different color for every day of the week. There are dozens of choices for ear buds and there are dozens of choices for batteries to extend the life of your phone.

Its Late

WOW! I cannot believe how late it is now. I've been chatting to some of my friends online and never realized it is so late. I think, I will sleep in tomorrow until noon and just relax the rest of the day.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Magic In A Pill

Ah, diet pills that magical weight loss tool. You take one pill a day, or maybe three pills a day and those pounds just melt away. If you take those pills while you watch what you eat you can really shed the pounds like ice in the winter. What is hard though is after you are finished taking the pills, can you keep the weight off? Being fat is such a hard way of living. So it is good for your longevity to get those pounds off and keep them off. You can extend the length of your life with every pound of fat you shed. So get up and get started today!

Have You Watch The New Season?

Ok, the new season of survivor has just started. I know for sure, I don't like Russel and Boston Rob. I don't understand why they brought them back in the show though. I would just like to watch the new contestant just doing their own thing without this two guys who had in the show before and played survivor incredibly smart. I don't think if Russel will plays smart this time because I believe those people who play the survivor watched him in the past season. Well, we just have to wait and see if he can be so sneaky like he did in the past season lol..

Get Rid Of Your Appetite

I think one of the biggest reasons some people were fat because they eat too much. If they could eat less I know that they could lose weight. One of the best products for losing weight is hoodia. I have read all the hoodia reviews to find out which is the best product. If you can kill your appetite then you do not eat as much. If you do not eat as much then you are sure to get rid of a few pounds. Less calories consumed means less weight gain. If you eat less than you burn then you will actually lose weight. Getting rid of your appetite is the best way to get skinny and hoodia is a new wonderful way to make that happen.

Trying To Make Up Sometimes

I think it is going to be a long night. I feel good of writing some entries in my blogs so I might stay up late. I never did spend so much time in my blogs but tonight. Thankfully, I just want to write anything that I can think of. I'm just trying to make up sometimes because I've been missing my blogs since I started working full time. I can only write entries in my blogs on weekends so I'm trying to make up some things what's going on here. Well, its been a great weekend here and hopefully tomorrow is a great one too.

How Do You Feel If You're Over Weight?

Seriously, I do not want to be fat. I want to be skinny. To be honest I do not care so much about how I look. I could care less how other people judge me for the way I look. What I worry about is how it effects on how I feel about myself. When you get fat you get unhealthy. It is not just that when you are fat it is harder to get around but your heart and liver have to work twice as hard just to pump your blood around your body. Decreasing your waist size is one of the best predictors of living a longer life. I know that for some using dieting pills is only way to get the ball rolling. It is good to get every little bit of help you can.

Cause of Being Forgetful-:)

Wow, time flies so quickly. February is almost over and I forget today is Gensan's Kalilangan Festival. How do I forget that? Well, my life has been so busy. Sometimes, I even forget what day and what year is it hahaha.. Seriously, when you're so busy, you no longer think what's going on around you, I don't know if its just me? Share me some inputs about this.

Have A Clean Looking Face

The worst part about acne is not so much the blemishes that show up but the scars that stay for a life time. Acne scars add up over time. Not only is acne embarrassing when you are younger but it leaves its mark for life and over time those add up and are quit noticeable. I found about some wonderful acne scar treatment online. It can never quite make the scars go away completely but you can at least make them not stand out so much. It can really be life changing to have a clean looking face. There are a lot of treatment options out there. There are different options for different types of skin and different types of coloring. Go online and find out which treatment is best for you.

Found A Lot Of Friends

I never thought I could find a lot of my high school and college friends, old friends, cousins and relatives on Facebook. Believe it or not, I found most of them which I never thought I could still have in contact with them. Some of them I never heard for many years and now we are communicating in a very powerful networking site. Its amazing how networking helps people to stay in touch wherever you are. Btw, I am so thankful because I'm able to stay in touch with some of my old friends and classmates. Hope it will stay forever.

Shed A Few Pounds

Is there really any way to lose weight quickly? There are many ways to lose weight quickly and none of them are really that safe. I did find on good site that has some information and gives good tips on how to lose weight quick but in a safe manner. I feel like I am always trying to lose weight. It is a constant battle of the bulge. You just need to work hard though. Watch what you eat, work out and it is a day to day grind. Calorie after calorie, and push up after push up. That is what it takes to shed those pounds. To keep it off you need to just watch carefully what you eat and maintain an active lifestyle.

What Is Your Daily Routine?

Sometimes I get tired of my routine everyday. I go to work, come home and relax. I often think about my life in the past was so much fun compare to my life now. I don't know why! But I do realized when you get married everything will changed. I just miss my life when I was still single I guess. I must admit, life in the Philippines is so much different than in the US. I used to chat with my neighbors when I was there and of course I have so many friends and family around. Well, well.... I just miss my country that's all!

Clean Face With A Big Smile

Have you checked out this website: I have a real problem with black heads. They like to show up at the worst times. I can scrub my face for hours and hours and they still come back. I read all about the little tricks that can help when cleaning just does not seem to do the trick. I love to use those little strips of take that pull them out of your skin. They can stand up on and you can really see just how deep your pores are. You can learn so much just doing a little reading online and pick up so much help. Everything you want to know is there to be found. Sometime there is even too much.

Homework Battle

Parents often feel it’s their job to get their kids to do well in school. Naturally, you might get anxious about this responsibility as a parent. You might also get nervous about your kids succeeding in life—and homework often becomes the focus of that concern. But when parents feel it’s their responsibility to get their kids to achieve, they now need something from their children—they need them to do their homework and be a success. I believe this need puts you in a powerless position as a parent because your child doesn’t have to give you what you want. The battle about homework actually becomes a battle over control. Your child starts fighting to have more control over the choices in his life, while you feel that your job as a parent is to be in control of things. So you both fight harder, and it turns into a war in your home. Read more article..

Kitchen Art Work

I am thinking about decorating our kitchen. There are some small, inexpensive things you can do to make it look like you just did a huge expensive upgrade. One of those little touches that can really make a huge difference is a nice glass mosaic tile. If you are like me and love to shop online you can find some really good prices and some really amazing pieces of art work. I could spend countless hours looking at all the choices. The next trick will be to see if I can convince my husband to like the same one that I like.

Had Fun Today

Its been a great day with friends. First time in a long time I go out with friends and shopped around. It was nice to just have fun and spent time with them. Yeah, its been a while I never go out with friends due to my busy schedule at work. But, sometimes I've realized I need friends to be with and talk with. I used to have many friends when I was in Singapore and now I am married it seemed I am my friends because I am busy working. It doesn't mean I'm a bad friend but each of us has a priority in life that we want to accomplish. Over all, I think it was a great day and we had fun! Btw, thumps up to my friend Myra who is such a good cook with Filipino foods. I really miss my own food so today it suffice my cravings for so long.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Avoid Over Speeding

Sometimes my husband drives a little fast. I always worry about him getting a ticket for speeding from the police. I found a great gift for him online. There is an awesome whistler radar detector which would really help him avoid getting a speeding ticket. I know it would be much better for him just to drive slower. If he drove slower and was very careful then he would never have to worry about if there is a policeman on the side of the road. It would not only be safer for him but it would also be safer for all those around him on the road. I do not think he will ever really slow down so in the mean time at least I can keep him from getting a ticket and having to pay a fine.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Best For Me

I am currently working at Massey Hyundai and I own a 2011 Hyundai car. Reading this article about Hyundai makes me so happy. I couldn't ask for a better car. For me, Hyundai car is the best! Read this Article.

You Cannot Bet The Price

Ok, I've been keep going back and forth about my desktop computer at home is too old and very slow. I told the husband about it and he never pays attention. He might thought I have my notebook already why I still need to replace my old desktop right? Yes, I really need to replace my desktop computer because I cannot live without it. It is very important for me to have it because I can only print from my desktop and do things in my desktop when I am in hurry. I will surely tell the husband that I have found the cheap desktop computers online. For me, shopping online is still the best because you can even find the clearance and great deals with great discount plus the free shipping. How cool is that? You just wait your stuff to be delivered in front of your door!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nice Article

If your child has been caught stealing, you might have wondered, “Why would my child do this after everything we’ve taught him?” Many parents question their own abilities and wonder where they’ve gone wrong with their child when theft is involved. While it’s disappointing and frustrating for parents when their child steals, I firmly believe that in most cases, it’s a behavior that can be changed. Read full Article

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is it Father's Day yet?

I know that Father's Day is a long way away but I was checking out some clothes shopping sites online. I came across a site that had some really cool mens ties. It is funny but when I think about buying a tie it always makes me think about Father's Day. I think this winter had made me feel more stir crazy than usual because of the colder weather this year. So my mind quickly wonders toward things of summer and nothing says summer more than Father's Day. I might just order a tie to bring summer a little closer.

Watch This

This is worth to watch. We cannot argue on mother nature when it strikes. I couldn't imagine how many cars were just floating on the water. Click this link promise it is worth to watch....

Friday, February 4, 2011

Party Time

Are you getting ready for a wedding? Well, maybe not so big event but a simple birthday party. Do you need some help planning the event? Not everyone needs help maybe you are one of those kind of people that does not need any help but is good at helping others. There are many event planning jobs to be found out there for the talented. If you are good at parties and you like to plan them then why not have a job that allows you to do the thing you love. These days it is hard enough to find a job let alone one you love. It would be a lot of fun and make money too.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I wish

I am so happy because the Steelers won last Sunday that means they are going for the superbowl yehey.. I cannot wait on Sunday for the superbowl. I wish the steelers will win in the superbowl this time. I can't wait!

Hunting Trip

The other day I was out side and there was still some snow on the ground. I saw some tracks in the snow that were frozen solid. It had been a long time ago that the deer had passed by. I just keep thinking that if I had a rifle I could have had some meat for the winter. If I followed those tracks long enough I would have eventually found a deer that made those tracks. I keep thinking about the rifle scopes I saw on line the other day. I would like to have a nice high power scope to see the deer that I know are off in the distance. But of course I think it is really cold outside so I just better go inside and get warm again.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Go Steelers

Its been a nice Sunday evening. The husband and I watching footbal Steelers VS NYJ. Of course the husband is a huge fan of steelers. I hope the steelers win again so that they will play for the superbowl. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of football when I got here not until the husband always watch on TV since the football started. I'm glad I get to watch with the husband from the start because I'm a big fan now. In fact, I have a favorite football players in steelers Polamalu and Ward. I cross my fingers they will win tonight.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting Skinny

Are you looking for safe diet pills that work? It is the holy grail of weight loss for sure. I spend hours and hours doing research to find a great pill to help lose any weight. I read lots and lots of information about losing weight. I feel like I should have a degree in weight loss. In my research I have come across some sites that have stuff that might actually be useful and safe at the same time. If you read this blog then you know that I love to find ways to get rid of those extra pounds.

Happy Birthday Shao Shao

Its my niece birthday's today who is in Korea. Its nice to just heard her saying thank you when we called her and greeted her a happy birthday. Time flies so quickly because she's already 6 years old. It is always nice to see both of them in webcam and heard them saying hello and thank you! They are so adorable! I'm not hoping to have a baby very soon but I am wishing to have one in God's perfect timing. I know God knows our hearts desire and he will grants our needs and wants in life.

Clean Skin

I find that if my skin gets dirty and oily then I have a bad out break of acne. Sometimes even if I have been really good at washing my face I still have oily skin. Then, I still get an outbreak of acne which I really hate. So as is my usual way of doing things I did lots and lots research about oily skin treatments. I can spend hours and hours doing research on any subject but when it comes to things like my oily skin I can do even more. So whatever it takes you know that I would be willing to do it. Once I set my mind to solving a problem I will not stop till I have an answer that is satisfactory, even if it is as simple as oily skin.

Its Feels Good

Come home early from work is so much better compare to my old job. The sun is down already when I get home from work even its only 5AM. I miss the sun and I really want the winter to be over now. I hate the snow make me sick in fact I still have cough right now since last week. OH! I wish this cold weather ends. Btw, I am so happy with my new job now. I get to come home early and fix our dinner. I have more time to relax and chat with my friends and do some household chores. I know my life changed a lot when I changed my job and so happy with the one I have.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Bachelor

Do you like to watch reality show? What reality show do you usually watch? Me, I really like to watch reality shows in fact, I am watching The Bachelor right now. It is one of my favorite shows but unfortunately, I don't really like the episode this season because I don't really like Brad to be the Bachelor lol.. Well, as it goes along I think I just keep watching will see where it goes.

Love Our Neighbor

You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge . . . , but you shall love your neighbor as yourself. — Leviticus 19:18 In 1955, when the South was still highly segregated, Emmett Till, a black teenager from Chicago, visited relatives in Mississippi. After Emmett “dared” to talk to a white woman, two white men brutally murdered him. An all-white, male jury found the two “not guilty” — after deliberating for barely an hour. The two men later confessed to the crime in a Life magazine article. Following the verdict, Emmett’s mother said, “Two months ago I had a nice apartment in Chicago. I had a good job. I had a son. When something happened to Negroes in the South, I said, ‘That’s their business not mine.’ Now I know how wrong I was. The murder of my son has shown me that what happens to any of us, anywhere in the world, had better be the business of us all.” Making another’s concerns our own is what Leviticus 19:18 calls us to do: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Jesus quotes this verse and interprets it as not placing any limitations on loving those around us (Matt. 22:39; Luke 10:25-37). Our neighbor doesn’t just mean someone close by; it’s anyone who has a need. We are to care for others as we care for ourselves. To love our neighbor means to make the persecution, suffering, and injustice of our fellow human beings our own. It is the business of all who follow Christ. — Marvin Williams For Further Thought How can we be a good neighbor? Be respectful to all. Lend a hand. Volunteer. Join a neighborhood association. Speak up when others are treated unjustly

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Replace Your Old Ones

We cannot deny the fact that in time our furniture covers getting old and need to be replaced. If you are trying to look for futon cover for your chair or even full cover futon mattress you can find them online and you can save more. is where you can find your ready made slipcovers whether it is futon covers for your pillow packs, bed covers, dining chair covers and a lot more. You can find everything from them. All their futon covers and slipcovers are already in stock and ready to ship whenever you order from them. For me, I find it easy to shop online with all my furniture cover needs because I don't really have time to shop on the store. Online is the best way to go to shop for your futon covers.

Cough Remedy?

Wow! I can't believe I sleep in most of the day. I woke up this morning and went back to sleep again. Its kind of hard when you're not feeling better and coughing isn't? I really hope my cough go away. Still looking for the best remedy of my cough though. I really want to eat mango with vinegar on it thought might help a little bit. I really hate this kind of feeling. Feeling weak and keep coughing. I wanted to go out but its so cold and not feeling going out either. Hayss life!

Best TV, Best Deals

We are on the stage processing of building our house, we started to think about what to buy for our new house. Of course first in our list is the new LCD TV for our dining room. I want to have a huge lcd tv to put on our dining room and kitchen. Having a huge lcd tv is what I really like because I get to put everything that I want from dvd players, speakers, cables etc. to build my own theater at home. I cannot wait for our house to finish so I can start shopping online and get the best deals of lcd tv I want for my house.

Yuck! I hate this cough. Seemed getting worse with the medicine I just took. What do you think is the best medicine for coughing? Any suggestions? Btw, I really hate taking med when I'm sick because most times I had reaction to it

Wake up with cough

Its been a great week for me. I changed job and I really like my 1 week at work. But, due to this weather condition, I am getting cold and starts coughing. I need to take some medicine this weekend so that I feel better on Monday and start a nice week at my new job. I hate having this cough but I think more rest and drink more water will help.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday My Babe D

Happy Birthday to my Babe D. May your day be filled with love, understanding, and contentment as you journey through life with ME. You give everything I've longed for, you've made my dreams come true. But the greatest gift of all is to be loved by YOU. Happy Birthday. ^^143 muah^^