Saturday, July 16, 2011

Inspirational Pinoy Visionary Artist

His visionary short documentary films about Filipino youth empowerment, faith, and advocacy to the environment has made Pinoy filmmaker, Herwin Cabasal, a strong contender in the Possible Futures Film Contest, a global film contest based in San Francisco, California that aims to “reveal visions of a positive future.” With 317 entry films from 44 countries, the competition permits its contestants to submit as much as four films—one in each category of “Peace and Freedom, Fair Societies, Sustainability and Beyond, and Human Fulfilment.” In an exclusive interview with the Asian Journal, Herwin disclosed how “overwhelmed” he was when he learned that four of the short films he made passed as official entries to the Possible Future Film contest. With an average running time of five minutes each, Herwin’s four entry films namely: Stewards, Tactics, Starfish and Pledge beautifully highlighted the possibilities of a better Philippines in the future. Herwin shared with Asian Journal that it was his idea to make the film in a reality-based format so the viewers can relate to what they will see and envision its positive results in the future. Read More Article

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