Saturday, March 10, 2012

Surveying my friends

Thanks to Roman May It seems like more people than I had originally though have satellite tv internet at their houses. I have never known all that much about Internet providers. I still do not claim to be an expert, but in talking with some friends and acquaintances recently, I realized there are an awful lot of people that have that type of Internet in my area. Some of them actually have some pretty good packages and deals for the services too. I do not know how I got on the topic, but one day one of my friends got into how much she was paying for her Internet. She kept saying how surprised she was that the service was so affordable and then so quick. Internet is a big deal to her, too, because she constantly has to work from home. After that, I started just asking my friends about it to see what provider they used and how the service was. It seemed like so many used satellite Internet. I use it, too, and I really do not have many complaints. It is just funny how many of us have the same service.

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