Thursday, April 12, 2012


Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

I searched the internet high and low yesterday using my manchester wireless internet providers connection trying to find a great recipe for red velvet cake. My husband’s birthday is coming up and red velvet cake is his all time fave. I want to try and make him a red velvet cake, but I am no good at baking. I was trying to find an EASY recipe. Finally after a lot of searching, I came across a pretty simple recipe on I went to the grocery store and started making the cake. Everything was turning out better than I had imagined. The layers came out of the pan and the icing was the right texture. The next step is the one that I totally botched. I need to slice the layers of the cake in half. Without reading really carefully about how to do it and thinking that I was on a roll, I cut the first layer unevenly. There was a quarter on one side and three quarters on the other. Not terribly discouraged I pressed on. The result was a great tasting cake, but a terribly presented cake! This baking stuff is hard!

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